The exPeRIenCE
To my horror as soon as I picked up my maths book I felt something weird happening,this weirdness was never felt before-"My bed was shaking".
A Typical hostel day during Exams
Its 1:00 PM and we all are back to the hostel after giving a paper and following day have to give another paper . So all in all we have less than 24 hours to prepare. But since I have just now given one exam so while having my lunch am in relaxing mode. Suddenly heard voice of one friend named Shashi says Fakka Pakka , Fakka Pakka (I will fail , i will fail ) . Other friends Parimal etc also joins in .... yes yes fakka pakka (i will also fail) followed by many others including me. Any outsider who will see the scene will feel that all these people will fail this exam .

The passing out from Academy
As the passing out day was coming close a sense happiness among all batchmates was growing. Don't know it was good or bad but due to very hectic schedule and almost nonstop parade practices we were not getting time to actually think much about it.

Lakswadeep - A paradise of its own kind
As we were flying from Kochi to Lakswadeep , we all were excited to see the relatively untouched land of Lakswadeep. The first view of Agatti island from the plane was so awesome and colorful that we all became sure that this visit is going to be awesome and curiosity to explore the island increased to the level max.

First Night drill in National Police Academy (NPA)
After a usual tiring day in NPA , i went to sleep at around 11pm. The alarm time in my mobile was as usual 5am in the morning.I was sleeping without having any idea of wht is going to happen with all of us in the night. Suddenly an announcement came " All Officer Trainee please come down with in next 10 mins"

So finally the day came. And while in bus crowd was divided in to two type of people , first type was hyperactive and second type was completly silent . Both types are sign of anxiety we all were having.

Shock in the Mid-Night
It was around 11pm in the night of 7th September, I was feeling very sleepy and was lying on the bed. As soon as i went into deep sleep , I felt as if someone is shaking me .

Rise of an Ordinary Kid
It was around 7 am and everyone in the heaven was waiting in line for his turn to get “Natural gift “ from the god himself . Some got artistic talent , some brilliance of mind , some management skills and so on every one was getting gifts of his choice .

The day when i got selected
It has been around 10 days since i was waiting for final results of Civil Services Exams -2010 .The level of anxiety was rising day by day and it reached just near the breaking point. Continuous hard work of 4 years with no outcome at all forced the flow of negative thought into strong castles of my mind .

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