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Mathura Incident : Time to rethink or perish

Few days ago on 2th June 2016 two brave police officers , one SP city Mukul Dwivedi and one SHO Santosh Kumar Yadav ,lost their life as a result of unprovoked firing from miscreants during evacuation of jawahar park of Mathura and more than 20 miscreants died during vacuation due to various reasons. Unexpectedly Huge amount of arms and ammunition also been recovered after the evacuation. After this incident people from all areas particularly media and politicians started giving their views on this particular incident. Almost everyone expressed their grief for the martyr policemen and their family and hailed their bravery. Also almost everyone questioned the functioning of police and their intelligence system , local administration, politicians who let the miscreants led by one ram vriksha yadav to occupy the park since more than two years. For all the above questions raised there will be a magisterial or probably judicial inquiry will be done along with probable CBI inquiry and m