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Uttarakhand , Electronic media and Politicians

Almost a week ago landslides and heavy rain hit Uttarakhand having disastrous effect on the state. As soon as the disaster hit the state , the NDRF , Army and ITBP came into action to rescue the victims of flood. In initial phase when weather was hostile the rescue efforts were hampered due to the weather condition . But still these forces kept on doing whatever they can do. And as soon as the weather cleared out these forces increased their efforts to the maximum possible level. Due to hostile terrain and high level of damages apart from weather condition obviously it was not possible to rescue everyone at one go . So , along with clear weather came media and almost every single electronic media claimed that they have correspondents everywhere , specially at those places where rescue teams have not reached. And the first thing they will show that people are hungry , sick waiting for being rescued. It is justified that it is the media's duty to bring to people the condition