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National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms

The setting up of the National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms was approved in June 2011. · The National mission would help in implementing the two major goals of increasing access by reducing delays and arrears in the system and enhancing accountability at all levels through structural changes and setting performance standards and facilitating enhancement of capacities for achieving such performance standards

Historic Agreement Signed between Centre, Assam Govt. and UPDS

A tripartite Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) was signed today between the Central Government, Government of Assam and United People’s Democratic Solidarity (UPDS).T his MoS provides for enhanced autonomy for Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council in Assam and also a special package for speedier socio-economic and educational development of the area for which the Council has been set up.

Basic strategy for civil services preparation

I have discussed basic strategy for preparation with my friend

Bilateral Labour Agreement for Migrant Workers

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has entered into Bilateral Labour Agreements with UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan and Malaysia. Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has taken several initiatives for safeguarding the welfare and protection of Indian workers going abroad. These include the following: (i) Establishment of Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) in the Indian Missions to provide immediate relief to the Indian workers in need and distress. (ii) Overseas Workers Resource Centre (OWRC) at New Delhi. This centre has 24x7 helpline and walk-in counseling centre to provide information and to handle workers problems. This centre uses 8 Indian languages and has a toll free number. (iii) Bilateral Social Security Agreements (SSA) for protection of the interests of Indian professionals going abroad. (iv) Indian Workers Resource Centre (IWRC) at Dubai for providing information to the Indian workers and to handle their problems. source :

Soyuz TMA-22

Russia has successfully launched a manned spacecraft    from Baikonur to the International Space Station (ISS) on 14th november.The objective of the launch is to deliver to ISS a crew of three in order to bring the crew of the Expedition (ISS-29/30) up to six. The crew of Soyuz TMA-22 consists of: Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov (spacecraft commander), Anatoliy Ivanishin (spacecraft flight engineer) and US astronaut Daniel Burbank (flight engineer-2 of the spacecraft)..


Agni-IV,,earlier know as Agni-II Prime ,is a new variant of the nuclear-capable surface-to-surface intermediate range missile Agni ballistic missile with a strike range of 3,000 km, recently successfully test fired . can be fired from mobile missile launcher .

Cultural Heritage Young Leadership Programme

The Union Ministry of Culture has decided to launch a  Cultural Heritage Young Leadership Programme  with the aim to promote cultural awareness among school children and to develop a love for India’s rich cultural heritage. The focus will be on the less-privileged children residing in backward areas through regional languages as a medium of communication as far as possible.

National Innovation Council

The National Innovation Council was established under the Chairmanship of Mr. Sam Pitroda   in the wake of the Government of India declaring 2010-2020 as the Decade of Innovation to discuss, analyse and help implement strategies for inclusive innovation in India and prepare a Road map for Innovation 2010-2020.

UAV Rustom – 1

Medium Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (MALE - UAV) is developed by DRDO with Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) Bangalore as the nodal laboratory. This UAV can attain a maximum speed of 150 Knots, 22,000 ft of altitude and endurance of 12-15 Hours with an operating range of 250 Kms when fully developed.

Inclusion of International Civil Aviation in European Union-Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) and its Impact

Regardless of Non-EU States’ objections and concerns, EU had unilaterally passed the regulation to include aviation in the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The EU-ETS affects all aircraft operators regardless of where they are based, provided that they operate flights departing from and / or arriving at an aerodrome in the EU.

India- Australia Discuss Bilateral Cooperation in Coal Sector

India and Australia would further explore the possibilities to increase bilateral cooperation and collaboration in coal sector which will include t ransfer of technology for underground mining and facilitating invest in Indian coal sector. This was decided in a meeting held between Shri Sriprakash Jaiswal, Minister of Coal and Australian Minister for Resources and Energy and Minister for Tourism, Mr. Martin Ferguson.

India Calls for Breaking Trade and Investment Barriers in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation zone

India Calls for Breaking Trade and Investment Barriers in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation zonePower Minister Shri Sushilkumar Shinde represented India at the annual meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Heads of Government in St. Petersburg on 7th November 2011. Making a statement on behalf of India, Shri Shinde called for breaking barriers that inhibit trade and investment flows between the countries in the SCO zone. He said SCO should address the problem of l imited connectivity through regional solutions. He said that India was ready to cooperate to find viable solutions to this problem and contribute to the endeavour to build bridges between Central and South Asia.

Integrated Cereals Development Programme

The Central Government is implementing Integrated Cereals Development Programme-wheat. It is part of a centrally sponsored scheme ‘Revised Macro Management of Agriculture’ under the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation for enhancement of agriculture production and productivity of cereals in the country. The scheme provides sufficient flexibility to the States to develop and pursue the programme on the basis of their regional priorities. The States have been given a free hand to finalize their sector-wise allocation as per their requirement of the development priorities.

Draft Bill on Citizens’ Right to Grievance Redress

A draft Citizens Right to Grievance Redress Bill 2011 has been prepared and put up in the public domain for suggestions/inputs from the stakeholders. This was informed by the MoS, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions and PMO, Shri Narayanasamy in New Delhi today. The Draft aims at creating institutionalize mechanism to ensure delivery of public services in a time bound manner and redressal of public grievances.

Innovation Universities

The government has proposed establishment of 14 Innovation Universities during The XIth five-year plan (2007-2012) aimed at world class standards. These Universities would be at the front of making India and global knowledge hub and set benchmarks for excellence for other Central and State Universities. The proposal would also facilitate participation of reputed private sector agencies in establishment of these universities in PPP mode.


Soon to be commissioned 'Bharti' will be third research station of India in Antarctica.The new station is located almost 3,000 kilometre away from the existing 'Maitri' station which has been serving the nation since its inception in 1988-89.

Mars 500 mission

It is a year-and-a-half isolation experiment that had been conducted to simulate a return flight to Mars , organised by the Moscow-based Institute for Medical and Biological Problems in cooperation with the European Space Agency and China’s space training centre.

India signs convention on global tax cooperation

India on Friday signed the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, developed jointly by the Council of Europe and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and opened for signature by the member-states of both organisations on January 25, 1988. All members of the G20 have now become signatories to the Convention. The Convention will have to be ratified by the Indian Parliament to become law. The Convention facilitates international co-operation for a better operation of national tax laws, while respecting the fundamental rights of taxpayers. The Convention provides for all possible forms of administrative co-operation between states in the assessment and collection of taxes, in particular with a view to combating tax avoidance and evasion. This co-operation ranges from exchange of information, including automatic exchanges, to the recovery of foreign tax claims. The Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax


The Minister for Tribal Affairs &  Panchayati  Raj  Shri  V.  Kishore  Chandra  Deo  today formally launched Education Loan Scheme titled “ADIVASI SHIKSHA RRINN YOJANA ”( ASRY) of National Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation(NSTFDC).  Under the Scheme, NSTFDC would provide loan at concessional rate of interest to the eligible Scheduled Tribes for pursuing higher professional and technical education including PhD. in India.  conducted  by colleges/universities approved by UGC/Govt./AICTE/ICMR etc.

7-point peace deal

Nepal's political parties The Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), the Nepali Congress (NC), the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist Leninist), and the Madhesi parties,they together represent more than 85% strength of the constituent assembly,signed a historic agreement on the peace process, Constitution writing and power-sharing .

Pakistan grants India Most Favoured Nation trade status

Pakistan's cabinet unanimously decided on Wednesday to grant India Most Favoured Nation status to liberalise trade between the two South Asian countries. This move could improve ties between the rivals.Granting the most-favoured status means the two countries can now trade on equal terms, typically giving each other low tariffs and high import quotas.