Mythological Stories

Shakuni - Was he villain without any reason?
Dhritrashtra wanted them to starve to death and thus provide only a handful of rice to each of them.One by one they started dying of hunger. King Subala, worried about his dynasty, convinced all his family members to sacrifice their food for the youngest and most intelligent son (Shakuni) who would be ultimately responsible for the downfall of Kauravas.

Barbarika - The unsung soldier of Mahabharata
Barbarika was son of Ghatotkacha and grand son of Bhima . Every time someone tell me about Barbarika being grandson of Bhima , i use to get confused that how come Bhima have grandson so early . I read about it and found out that in Rakshas(Demon) clan the child attain adulthood within short period of time .

Ancient Civilizations : Did they solely belong to homo sapiens?
Whenever our scientists get any evidence of ancient civilization, they generally assume it without almost any hesitation that the discovered civilization must have been developed by our own species (homo sapiens) and not by any other possible species.But we should not ignore the slightest possibility of civilization being developed by any other species.

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