The Passing Out from NPA

As the passing out day was coming close a sense of happiness among all batchmates was growing. Don't know it was good or bad but due to very hectic schedule and almost nonstop parade practices we were not getting time to actually think much about it. It was while doing peeling off of last parade practice a sense of nostalgia creeped in and suddenly i realized that only a single day is there tp spent time with fellowmates.

Anyway as expected a long briefing session followed the parade practice and after that i got busy with no-dues, packing etc. And in the evening i along with my buddy Ankur Jain went to railway station to recieve my and his parents and my sister where as if it seems even Indian railway wants to test our patience .We reached the station at 8:30 and the train which was till 8:30 was on time started getting late and eventually came about 3 hours late. We reached to the academy late about 12pm very tired and exhausted. I set the alarm at 7:40 next day and slept.

Suddenly i woke up and checked the time in my mobile and as expected it was 4:41(last one week my sleep used to break exactly at 4:41 due to reasons unknown). I slept again , went into deep sleep and woke up at 7:00am. After completing all formalities and drinking lots of water i reached quarter gaurd at 9:00am. Here a sense of excitement and happiness was there among all officer trainees. We all checked each other's turnout and cheered bharat mata ki jai three times and proceeded towards back of quila. There we took water again and wished each other best of luck. Band played 'Om jai jagdish hare' and after that we marched inside the parade ground full of joy and enthusiasm.

In the parade ground after the arrival of chief guest Sushil Kumar Shinde, The home minister of India, he did nirishan"inspection" of parade and after that we took oath which was administered by the Director of the academy.During all this i was trying to locate my parents in the crowd of many people and was praying that they sit at such place from where my sister can click my pics easily.After That marching off took place which was followed of Director's long speech. It seemed that this speech will never end, and since its very tough to stand in the parade for long we were getting lil tired. But luckily weather god was kind enough on us, and the weather was cloudy with continuous but small spells of light showers. So we got over with this 30minutes of speech comfortably.

After that the prize winner ceremony took place and then speech by chief guest . It was at this time when the light showers converted into heavy showers . Our director told to chief guest that officer trainees are comfortable in the rain and will stand there till the speech get over. We stood there in the rain and most importantly enjoying it. Once the chief guests speech got over, the ceremony of peeling off started , The ceremony which is last but certainly not the least , infact most important one. And with sense of pride, joy , enthusiasm and nostalgia we all crossed the gate of parade ground.

As soon as we all came out , loud and happy noises started, we congratulated each other ,in the rain we also splashed water on each other and the voices of "khoon pasine" edi panja" was all over there. from the parade ground to the auditorium we all enjoyed and celebrated like anything. But one thing was there in my mind and i think in everyone else's mind that now we all have to leave the academy where we enjoyed each other's company and had lots of fun. I wanted that time may stop so that we may remain between auditorium and parade ground forever enjoying . But certainly this is not possible , and we reached to the auditorium where a formal group photograph was taken.

After that high tea and then lunch and then other remaining formal things took place. Everyone got busy with his/her family and rest of the day went off in clicking pics and clearing last time dues. Right now at 10:45pm of 2nd nov 2012 i am writing this stuff sitting in one of the guest house of academy 'S.M. Diaz' and i still want the time to stop so that i can spend some more time here. But tomorrow morning have to leave the academy. Only consoling thing is that i will soon meet my fellowmates again but still few other are gone for indefinite time.

Surely and certainly i will miss all of my batch-mates and the time spent in the academy. Love u all .......


  1. I wish i could attend ! :(

  2. Very Nice and Emotional.. :)

  3. So natural n raw reflection of real scene .....went into a feel of an overwhelmed excited dedicated achiever with his endless words to pen here. loved it :)