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कर्मवीर - By Ayodhaya Singh Upadhaya "Hariaudh"

I came across this one more poem by Ayodhaya Singh Upadhaya yesterday and found it very motivating .                 देख कर बाधा विविध, बहु विघ्न घबराते नहीं।                रह भरोसे भाग के दुख भोग पछताते नहीं                काम कितना ही कठिन हो किन्तु उबताते नही                भीड़ में चंचल बने जो वीर दिखलाते नहीं।।                हो गये एक आन में उनके बुरे दिन भी भले                सब जगह सब काल में वे ही मिले फूले फले।।                आज करना है जिसे करते उसे हैं आज ही                सोचते कहते हैं जो कुछ कर दिखाते हैं वही                मानते जो भी है सुनते हैं सदा सबकी कही                जो मदद करते हैं अपनी इस जगत में आप ही                भूल कर वे दूसरों का मुँह कभी तकते नहीं                कौन ऐसा काम है वे कर जिसे सकते नहीं।।                जो कभी अपने समय को यों बिताते है नहीं                काम करने की जगह बातें बनाते हैं नहीं                आज कल करते हुए जो दिन गँवाते है नहीं                यत्न करने से कभी जो जी चुराते हैं नहीं                बात ह

Rise of an Ordinary Kid

It was around 7 am and everyone in the heaven was waiting in line for his turn to get “Natural gift “ from the god himself . Some got artistic talent , some brilliance of mind , some management skills and so on every one was getting gifts of his choice . Unusually the line was long today and when the turn of last Kid came , the quota of natural gifts had already exhausted . Kid : My lord please give me gift of your choice. God : Son i am very sorry but I will not in position to give you any gift Kid : then (little disappointed) God : You go and prepare for going to earth , may be you will get you gift few days , few month or few years later . Kid : I didn’t get you lord ..Why few years later . God : Son every day I have  decided to give limited number of gifts  everyday . So whenever at the end of day any gift remains with me , I will give it to you. Kid : what if such day never come God : then you may have spend whole life without any natural talent . That kid devoid of any

एक बूंद - Ayodhya singh Upadhyaya " Hariaudh"

 This poem by the famous poet  'Hariaudh"  has always motivated me to take up the new challenges in life . Just wanted to share with all my friends , hoping that it will have same effect on everyone else :)                          ज्यों निकल कर बादलों की गोद से।                        थी अभी एक बूँद कुछ आगे बढ़ी।।                        सोचने फिर फिर यही जी में लगी।                        आह क्यों घर छोड़कर मैं यों बढ़ी।।                        दैव मेरे भाग्य में क्या है बढ़ा।                        में बचूँगी या मिलूँगी धूल में।।                        या जलूँगी गिर अंगारे पर किसी।                        चू पडूँगी या कमल के फूल में।।                        बह गयी उस काल एक ऐसी हवा।                        वह समुन्दर ओर आई अनमनी।।                        एक सुन्दर सीप का मुँह था खुला।                        वह उसी में जा पड़ी मोती बनी।।                        लोग यों ही है झिझकते, सोचते।

Ancient Civilizations : Did they solely belong to homo sapiens?

Whenever our scientists get any evidence of ancient civilization, they generally assume it without almost any hesitation that the discovered civilization must have been developed by our own species (homo sapiens) and not by any other possible species . The assumption based on the fact that till now we have seen only human civilization may be true to an extent , but should not ignore the slightest possibility of civilization being developed by any other species. One may argue that in all ancient civilizations, we have till now discovered, we get a large number of human bones , in response to that argument i will say that this may be due to war between humans and other species or in extreme case may be in those days man were just a roaming species like modern day dogs .It may be well  possible that few other species (may or may not be close relative to homo sapiens) had also developed their full grown civilization in some or all parts of the world , but due to certain factors ou

Few lines by me for my Dearest sister

At the age of one year.....   I knocked the heaven's door.... God asked " My son , r you not happy on the beautiful earth where you have your angel mother and divine father" I replied " But i don't have anyone like other children to play with and spend time " God Said " Don't worry , I will make sure that you have the best sister on the earth " Two days later i again knocked the door..... God asked " now what happened" I replied " I need a friend too as other people on the earth have" God said " My dear son, your sister will be your best friend" Down the line after many years ...during my teenage I once again knocked the door..... God asked " r u still unhappy " I replied " I am very happy with my life but there is no one around m to understand me and my thoughts " God said " oh !! that's not a problem , it will b again your sister, who shall unders

Story of Ananya in her own words - concluding part

Well kai baar Anay se baat karna chaha par wo mujhe avoid karta raha , aisa laga jo aasani se mil jaye uski kimat kabhi samajh nahi aati maine bhi ab usse manana chhod diya . 12 th ka last month tha saare student tour par jaane ke liye plan kar rahe the  mujhse kisi ne nahi puchha tha kyonki in the class Anay hi mera dost tha maine bhi kuchh nahi kaha . 2-3 din baad wo mere paas aaya and usne offer kiya un sab ke saath chalne ko mujhe nahi pata tha ke haan karna chahiye ya na par maine haan kiya main waha comfortable feel karu isliye Anay ne waha Vinay ko bhi bulaya and pyaar bas badta raha (meri side se) . Din nikalte gaye samay bitta gaya schooling bhi khatam ho gai ab Anay mujhse fir kabhi nahi milne wala tha , aaj marksheet milni thi fir kabhi is jagah laut ke nahi aana tha Anay mujhse bhot pyaar se baat kar kar raha tha marks milne ke baad usne fruity pilai and McD le gaya sab kuchh bhot achchha lag raha tha then bas sham hui usne mujhe ghar drop kiya aur chala gaya fir ka

Story of Ananya in her own words - Part 2

Well school jana hai maine try kiya ke main Anay se pahle pohch jaun par late ho gai , pure raste bhar khud ko dant ti hui gayi . bus stop par akela Anay tha bhot mood kharab hua usne puchha fair wale din kya hua maine usse sab kuchh bataya aur ye bhi ke uske bro ne mujhe ghar chhoda tab mujhe uska name bataya Vinay aur tab pata laga ke wo mujhse 8 yrs bada hai. Jab age difference suna to aisa laga sab khatam ho gaya is baar mujhe gussa Anay par aa raha tha idiot pahle kyon nahi bataya? Par maine usse kuchh nahi kaha . Bus stop par waiting for the bus. bus to nahi aai par Vinay aaya akela tha pata laga wo bhi Anay ka wait kar raha hai (u know what! main wish kar rahi thi ke Anay na aaye par idiot aa gaya) Vinay ko dekhne ke baad school main jo kuchh Anay ne bataya tha wo main sab bhul gai :D. Vinay aur main ab achchhe dost banne lage. Main jab bhi Anay ko phone karti to pahle 30 min Vinay se baat karti bcz phone ussi ka tha :P . Terminals ke baad 10 days ka off milta hai and 1

Story of Ananya in her own words

Hi 2004, 14, july Main 15 yr ki thi and tabhi school change kiya tha for the 11 th class main science ki student thi and jab mera first day tha school main to mera ek dost bana (Anay) and mera name Ananya hai to uska roll # just mujhse pahle tha wo mera pehla dost tha new school main. Mera school ghar se kareeb 12 km dur tha to main bus se travel kiya karti thi aksar Anay mujhe bus stop hi milta karta tha. Aaj main Anay se pahle aa gai thi to stop par uska wait kar rahi thi and tabhi Anay aa gaya wo apne elder bro ke saath aata tha bike par maine first time uske bro ko dekha per pura nahi bcz usne helmet pahan rakah tha to maine sirf uski eyes dekhi pata nahi kya hua main bas use dekhti rahi aur wo chala gaya. Mujhe use dekhna achchha laga to ab main daily Anay se pahle aane lagi taki main wo aankhein dubara dekh saku 3-4 months tak wo mujhe daily dikhta tha fir Anay ne bus se aana shuru kar diya. Maine Anay se puchha uske bro ke bare main to usne bataya ke uska accident ho gaya

The Day when i got selected

 It has been around 10 days since i was waiting for final results of Civil Services Exams -2010 .The level of anxiety was rising day by day and it reached just near the breaking point. Continuous hard work of 4 years with no outcome at all forced the flow of negative thought into strong castles of my mind .The person who boast about never getting tense was changing and it was bothering me since i hate being tense .