The exPeRIenCE

On Saturday morning , 25th April 2015 I felt too lazy to get up early.Laziness resisted me to study. Somehow i overcame my laziness and decided to start studying at around 11:45. But to my horror as soon as I picked up my maths book I felt something weird happening,this weirdness was never felt before-"My bed was shaking". I immediately understood what was going on..i told my roomies...they said that too felt the same.

The three of us immediately picked our phones and ran outside asking everyone else around to do the same.We were six good buddies,while 5 of us were out ,our one friend was inside.The three of us again ran inside to get her. Actually she was sleeping and their roomies ran away without telling her anything..!!! (later i thought that why wont god punish us ?? Selfishness was now included in our discipline chart ).All of us within 30 seconds came out, trust me..the shaking of the ground was unbelievably terrible. The weather too was dreary..Black clouds and a few drops of rain..It was almost a nightmare.. It seemed as if the ground was angry over the sky.."the ground roared and the sky wept". I held my roommate's hand,so that i don't fall down.This was the most terrible moment.

It lasted for 25 -30 seconds more.A small piece of brick fell from one corner of my hostel( a government hostel and that too established in 1962..what else can anyone expect!)...nothing else broke but later cracks were noticed in many rooms ..

When all this happened i was definitely among those who saw a question coming in front of my eyes..what next? It was the moment when i realized that it might be my last moment, I wondered if i could complete my dreams and add a value to my life or not and definitely my parents were there in my thoughts all the time in those 50-55 seconds... well thoughts came in such a speed that i cannot explain it in words.

Girls around did cry,they lost control over their emotions and could not strongly face the situation.Some did not cry , i did not ! I called up to my parents and sister to know their state.They were fine and so was I. "Nepal is not very far from Gorakhpur and we certainly were in disaster prone zone"


Dreadful to imagine that i could feel that shake again! It was really mentally devastating that the tremors revived ..I had already asked the girls in my hostel to wait for atleast 15-20 minutes but except my friends everyone went inside..n guess what it came after 15 minutes or so! n then everyone again came out rushing.... tremors and aftershocks are onn ! It has been 2 days for now and the nature's game is on.. Its a feeling when you are uncertain about the very next moment..the very next breath!

The above article has been written by my cousin Aakanksha who is currently pursuing B-Tech from Gorakhpur.

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