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Canets vs Homus - Chapter 3 - Holding the ground

Time : 89600BC-79000BC Place : Planet Earth in Parallel Universe(215) Continued from  Canets vs Homus - Chapter 2 - The First Move Wuldram, the tallest, strongest and wisest of all Canets, even after defeating and pushing back Homus to the brink of extinction didn’t wanted to leave any chances of resurgence of Homus, as he knew that Homus are certainly more intelligent and once they get to the break-even population they will start reclaiming the lost ground. With a mission to hunt down every last existing Homus, Wuldram prepared different teams of Canets based on abilities of different breeds of Canets and assigned them tasks accordingly. Amongst 36 existing breeds 5 most noticeable breeds were Wulds, Drogs, Jhynas, Shrozs and Chagats. Wulds Wulds was the ruler breed of the Canets, also the mother breed of the Wuldram. Wulds were most strongly built Canets with average height of 2 meters ,length around 3 metres and used to weigh more than 200kgs. Even with this heavy built up they wer