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A beautiful turn in the life - Part 2

We continued chatting about our likes and dislikes and about different aspects of life. On the third day i again asked her about her answer on marriage proposal. She said She :  achha aur agar main haan kahu to Me :  shaadi ke liye....? She :  ha Me :  to main kahunga......i will be very happy.........but first i think we need to do little home work....... Me :  nd will get assured abt each other She :  achha She :  which type of home work? Me :  like we get to know each other better She :  hmmm She :  nd? Me :  ek ya do baar mil sakte hian......baat kar sakte hain.. Me :  so we will get to know each other She : hmmm That was her reply "hmmm" . Our chat continued and though she was little reluctant for voice chatting , she decided to give it a try and we started voice chatting . She asked many thing which in normal situation i would have answered differently  but since i have decided to adhere by her tips on love

A beautiful turn in the life

The story i am going to write is of one of my friend , who after reading my blogs asked me to write his story. Since i hate being third person in any story , i will be writing this story as first person and from now onwards the word "I" refers to my friend. After getting bored of my work , for mood refreshment and time pass i use to visit yahoo chat rooms. Though i was not regular visitor , but yes the frequency was not less than two times in a week .Naturally i used to chat with girls only and i always preferred friendship over anything else. But sometime i do used to chat on stray topics. One day i met a girl online in yahoo chatroom and started chatting with her .The first few lines were as usual Me : hiii Me : m/f? Me : <ding> She : f Me : okk....asl plzz She : 24 She : delhi Then we exchanged basic details she told me that she is doing MBA from one of the premier institute after that the topic came of gf and bf thing . She : so do u hav g/f Me : no..

Why I am an Atheist

Atheist , the word generally carries negative meaning with it.Atheist is the person who does not believe in the god and people use to think that being atheist means the person will do all kinds of sin and involve himself in activities considered to be against the norms of the society.I want to redefine the word and give it my own meaning .For me Atheist is the person who does not believe in any present religious system. I see an inherent flaw in almost all religions . They all consider their respective Bhagwan , Allah , Jesus etc to be omnipresent and believe that their god knows everything .Still they make prayer houses where the believer of the religion needs to go and pray . If god knows everything and is present everywhere why should there be Mandirs, Masjids ,Gurudwaras and churches .And why we need to pray something to god after all he knows everything and based on merit and needs of individual he will provide the required things to them.Are we supposed to influence god by pra

Barbarika - The unsung soldier of Mahabharata

Barbarika was son of Ghatotkacha  and grand son of Bhima. Every time someone tell me about Barbarika being grandson of Bhima, I use to get confused that how come Bhima have grandson so early. I read about it and found out that in Rakshas(Demon) clan the child attain adulthood within short period of time. And since mother of ghatotkacha was Hidimba, a rakshasi(female demon), he got her genes and grown up in short span of time.The same case being with his son Barbarika . When Barbarika heard the news of beginning of the great war, he decided to participate in the war . When he reached kurushetra(the battle field of mahabharata) Krishna asked him how many days would he take to finish mahabharata. He replied one hour . "But u have only 3 arrows, are they enough to finish the war" Krishna asked. "My Lord i need only three arrows , one for enquiring the field , second to fix the position of target and third to kill the enemies" replied Barbarika. To test his clai

Concluding part -A Love story which never started and will never finish

During the year break i made different strategies on how i will interact with the girl and make my conversation longer than usual . There were basically two reason for which i was eagerly waiting for my 2nd year of college to start soon , first was obviously that i want to see the girl again and second was the excitement that now i will be senior and will take ragging of my juniors . After a long gap of about two and a half month i saw the girls again and  just one sight of her made me very happy . And when i interacted with her for the first time of my second year , i realized that all my plans and strategies are of no use and one needs to be spontaneous in conversation . And this is what i lacked all my life, spontaneousness . Any way i was little more open than first year , but still shy enough to strike conversation without having any reason . Nevertheless now i was able to interact with her more frequently on one pretext or other and i realized that the girl was actually

Love story of my one of the best friend(Ramnivas) in his own words

Since my childhood, it was my greatest wish to study in a college where I can watch gals sitting all around in the class. The dream comes true when I cleared IIT JEE and came to IT-BHU. I was sad as I made some mistake in selecting the right trade based on my RANK and I thought I will always regret  this. When the classes started I found that I had Roll No-1 followed by two gals at position 2nd and 3rd. Later I come to realize the value of this sequence when class was divided in practical groups.  I had two gals in my group, which was such an outstanding achievement in my class to envy for. First time I was happy for having Roll no-1 of my class and I always wonder if this is the way GOD comfort us for our regrets. Though I came from an  extremely small town with my village roots without any experience of  getting into girls head, yet I had strong determination and will power (whatever you say) to influence gals. Later I found that determination was not enough for achieving such kind

A Love story which never started and will never finish - Part 2

After freshers party ragging was formally ended for us and now we were free to participate in various activities . Being a keen sports lover i got involved in various indoor and outdoor games such as cricket , badminton volleyball , chess etc .Since i was not able to play any kind of sports during my preparation time , i was very hungry for sports . And due to this reason the feelings towards the girl took backseat and love towards sports was driving me . But still it comes out every now and then , particularly when she comes in front of me and even more when i get chance to talk to her. It was my good luck that we were in same batch of our class , batch1 , which means that our practicle classes would be held together . On the top of it her labby was very close friend of mine . So whenever i get chance i use to visit my friend and try to strike a conversation with the girl . But the problem with me was very bad at art of "continuous conversation" and my topics use to fin

A Love story which never started and will never finish

On the  first day of my  college, while waiting for room allotment in hostel office room  i found out a list containing few names was lying on the table of warden . Just out of curiosity i paid little more attention to the list and found out that it contains name of my 'to be' batch-mates in college . Then i thought ok, let me check how  many girls will be there in my batch . Though i was told my friend that not too many girls clear IIT-JEE exam , the fact that there will be only 6 girls in batch of 60  disappointed me . The only positive  thing was that the density of girls was better near my roll number. Now on the second day we all were supposed to go to a prescribed hall in order to fill all relevant forms . Since it was just second day of college we all were very much afraid of ragging and seniors and as prescribed by seniors we were in full dress code wearing full sleeves shirt with even out collar buttoned up . In this atmosphere of fear i was excited to see 6 girls o

India and China - Can they afford hostile relation between them??

India and China , both are considered to be among oldest 'continuous' civilization , both were well advanced than their peers in ancient time , both experienced low phase in post medieval period  and now both in this modern era are competing each other to become future superpower of the world. Though these two countries are immediate neighbors , the difference between them can not be over emphasized. The Great Himalayan Range ensured the interaction between two countries to remain at minimal level in pre modern era .There are only few instances of Chinese traveler to cross Himalaya and visit India and fewer instance of armed conflict between two nation . Even in modern era of globalization the stark difference between two nations remains at its place . The largest democracy of world can only be contrasted by largest communist nation of the world . The emerging services hub(i.e India) can only be complimented by the emerging manufacturing hub(i.e. China) . And the problem i

Why Anna Hazare is considered to be modern Gandhi

The day, 5th April 2011 , may prove to be turning point of the Indian history . On that day one man known as  Kisan Baburao Hazare  popularly  known as Anna Hazare began fast unto death at jantar mantar New Delhi in support of "Jan Lokapal Bill" .Initially central government of India neglected the movement but slowly and gradually the peaceful and  nonviolent  movement gathered pace and people from all corners of country started supporting it. The peculiar thing about this movement was that first time since independence people of India supported a non political person in peaceful manner and that with full zeal and belief in the person .It is this nonviolent support of people which makes Anna Hazare movement Gandhian in nature. Hitherto read only in books about Gandhian philosophy of nonviolent and peaceful protest , Hazare showed how it works on ground level . Within a week of start of movement sensing the popular support of common people , Government of India agreed to t