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Rise of an Ordinary Kid

It was around 7 am and everyone in the heaven was waiting in line for his turn to get “Natural gift “ from the god himself . Some got artistic talent , some brilliance of mind , some management skills and so on every one was getting gifts of his choice . Unusually the line was long today and when the turn of last Kid came , the quota of natural gifts had already exhausted .

Kid : My lord please give me gift of your choice.

God : Son i am very sorry but I will not in position to give you any gift

Kid : then (little disappointed)

God : You go and prepare for going to earth , may be you will get you gift few days , few month or few years later .

Kid : I didn’t get you lord ..Why few years later .

God : Son every day I have  decided to give limited number of gifts  everyday . So whenever at the end of day any gift remains with me , I will give it to you.

Kid : what if such day never come

God : then you may have spend whole life without any natural talent .

That kid devoid of any talent came to earth , from the starting of his life he started searching for that one gift which god may provide him some day . The first encounter with the world was with his parents and close relatives , this was time when he need not any talent and can enjoy life to the fullest . So he always use to smile and play with everyone , this made him favorite of everyone and he was appreciated by all for his “never to cry” attitude . Also he use to take keen interest in whatever his mother used to teach him

But the days of full enjoyment got over soon and at the age of 4 years he started going to school . The first test of his life and he was confident of getting good enough marks , but ended up with getting average marks . And subsequently in every tests and exams he use to get only average marks .This made him clear that he is not gifted at least in academic .

With new friends he started participating in various sports like cricket . He thought to try his hands in cricket , but then he was not able to hit a boundary even to worst bowler . Neither he was good enough bowler to get wicket of any batsman and in fielding he was just average .

Arts ,painting , designing etc was totally out of question for him , since he don’t have very good imagination power . Neither he had very good interpersonal skills . All this made him think that it seems that god have forgotten to give him any gift and now he have to spend rest of life without any natural gift just like ordinary people.

But this kid was not in mood of giving up . He started observing people and tried learning the skills they have got . In academics he improved himself but his rank in class was still irrelevant 3rd in class of 3 people , 10th in class of 34 people etc . In sports he started doing more than average , and became famous among his peer group . But the sign of extra brilliance was not there in any aspect.

Since he loved playing sports he used to spend his most of time playing and whenever his parents used to ask when will you improve your performance in academics he use to say “ I will improve when ever time demands “ . This was one excuse which he always use to give because he knows that for him the process is slow .

There comes the important exam of class 10th , though his performance was not brilliant one but still a little above than average . Everyone including himself was happy that finally he got some relevant marks . The same story repeated in 12th , but the distance from the average increased now. Against everyone else’s suggestion and with support of his parents he decided to appear for most prestigious entrance exam .

And bingo! He cracked it , this was turning point for his life , because he had heard that only extra brilliants can crack it  . This does not made him think that he is extra brilliant , this made him think that with consistent hard work and confidence he can do anything .

Though he was above average in sports but was never brilliant and it was popular in college that to imoprove your c.v , you need to have atleast one medal in extra curricular activities . He was not very much interested in arts , drama , music etc . So , the only area where he can think of performing was in sports . He took up chess , got out in first round in first year , 3rd round in 2nd year . But he had what u call “never to die attitude" . He again participated in 3rd year and the result is same as what u must be guessing now , Gold medal .

Now for him the time was to improve other aspects of his personality like interpersonal ability and ability to attract people towards himself .These are the field where it’s very hard to replicate natural talent . He also tried  to learn art of writing stories and poem but without much success .

The college passed and the kid decided to take up the toughest exam of the country(civil services exam) , after some intial failure , finally he succeeded in that exam too . That night when result came god visited him in his dream

Kid : O , lord thanks for visiting me in my dream.

God : so , son how r u , devoid of any skills and talents.

Kid : I am very happy and satisfied with my life.

God : son , you know why u succeeded so well in your life , because you tried to learn from every person in every possible area, also u never lost your hope and in the process you have used the gift I have given you very well

Kid : (little surprise) which gift , my lord

God : It is the gift which I use to give every person , but very few utilize it properly . The gift of “Learning things “ from others . And believe me if one keep utilizing this gift , no one can stop him from success.

Kid : my lord, thank you . I will keep trying to utilize the gift.

And the god disappeared . The kid is still in process of learning new things , because he knows that others are more gifted than him , so it’s better to learn something from them .


  1. very true . Once when luckily I had a small talk with our institute director , he told me that you are here in the college "To learn the process of learning" .
    But are you really successful yet ? Is the mission accomplished ?

  2. Not yet....I have many more missions in life ...some immediate ones and some long term missions :)

  3. hey,m impresed wid these one,i know its rel r8

  4. its great ..Thank you for sharing with us

  5. thanks for sharing it with us i've really became a fan of that child means u.........

  6. very long post, but i like it!!!

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  8. wahh awesome article.Liked it.a bit long though.

  9. Thanx for will help in motivating others.

  10. Good writing skill and thank you very much for your cooperation and inspiration.

  11. HMMM quite a hard work

  12. good one, its amazing one, but hard reality!!!!

  13. Hey this a true story as it seems and its about u .. But surprisingly(I don't know how) I see myself in this story but to a certain extent coz I havnt cleared the most prestigious exam till now . I just ask u to wish me luck that the story replicates the situation for me too and thing I shud remember is to learn from others is a must aspect . Thanx a lot bro . I don't live in future but I can see one for sure . ;)

  14. Verry nice motivational story......
    I am impressed to the story

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  16. My words r less then enough to appreciate dis story....all tat I can say is, it's one of t best story I ever read, plz do keep writing so that I can really get very good stuff to read... waiting eagerly fr t new story :-)

  17. thanks for such a beautiful real story ..........

  18. Sir Can u please share ur experience as IPS, m also preparing for Civils and within 3 month i have to decide, preference list....I am little confused, whether i should fill IPS or not.....I know it will be a subjective choice ...varying from person to person....

    But can u give me a glimpse of Challenges n opportunity of Police services in 21st century India.....and how much hopeful u r abt police reforms???? Thanks in advance....

  19. Police service is the most challenging job in current scenario . Police is considered to be first responders in case of distress and thus have huge resposibility with limited amount of power and limited resources. Police reforms may get delayed but will surely come as it is demand of the time.
    Let me be clear here that IAS enjoys much more power in long term compared to IPS


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