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The Sarkari way of working

Since the childhood days whatever i got to know about the functioning of government department, the perception always have been of inefficient,slow and corrupt way of doing work. As i grow up this view got stronger. When i was in 4th year of my B-tech in IIT-BHU many of my friends had applied for passport. When the passport verification officer used to come for verification of residential addresses of my friends invariably the competition among them was that who gets it done in how much lower price. For this work which is supposed to be free of cost,officers used to ask for money as if its their right. My fellow mates used to use lot of tantrums to give them as less money as they can,but the matter of the fact is that no one lodged complaint against that officer. This shows that how much apathy we have against the system, at that point of time i was very much sure that there is no use of complaining against that person. This all negative feelings were their despite the fact that m

Rapes : Fault Lines and Action Plan

Every now and then we get shocking news of rapes been committed followed by protests , knee jerk reaction by government and sometime fast track courts. Even with strong laws and increased awareness we have not been possible to stop it effectively .In this article with all due respect to all agencies involved i will critically analyze in detail about reasons behind rapes and other crimes. First of all me start with ourselves that is our societal structure. There is for sure some basic problem with our so called great culture, The parents are certainly not able to give proper ethics and values to their children resulting in money and power oriented mind set among youth . And when this mind set distort toward crime this youth turns into dreaded and ugly criminals.  Further the family and caste system is much deep rooted that people blindly support person from their family/caste/religion and simply turn their eyes blind on their criminal conduct. False complaint , false witnesses