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The Parallel Universe : A Hyopthesis in simple words

Parallel universe is a concept whereby it is proposed that alternate universe or alternate reality co-exists with existing one. A set of many such parallel universes is known as a multiverse. A parallel universe may almost completely resemble,with minor differences, with current one or may be so much different that it may as well be following different sets of laws of physics. There are many hypotheses regarding creation and existence of such parallel universes. Here I am proposing my own hypothesis which is derivative of my in depth analysis and imagination based on knowledge acquired from different sources. Like all other existing hypotheses on this topic, the current hypothesis is also a little complex but still I will try to explain in simple words in this article so that everyone can get to understand the basic concept of it. A more technical one will be written separately soon. Concept : As per concept of wave particle duality all material things and energy forms exhibit propert

Canets vs Homus - Chapter 2 - The First Move

Time : 89600 BC Place : Nyonshi, South of Tibet in Parallel Universe(215) Continued from  Canets vs Homus - Chapter 1 - Power Unknown The Homus, armed with spear and fire, were slowly and surely gaining upper grounds, but the move was not yet troubling for Canets as there was more than enough food available for the current population of both species. Canets and Homus normally don't use to attack each other because they were wary of each other's spears and razor sharp claws and no one wanted any injury which may permanently make a dent in their ability to hunt. In wilderness a carnivorous animal, who is not able to hunt, is as good as dead animal. Barring a few incidents they were peacefully coexisting. As It goes without saying that change is the only constant, the environment on parallel earth started changing with the advent of the ICE age. With decreasing temperature many hitherto green areas started converting into barren ice lands.This decrease in veg

कृष्ण का आह्वान

तू कृष्ण है तू गोपाल है ,विराट रूप विकराल है तू सुदामा का यार है ,राधा का प्यार है तू कंस का काल है ,महाभारत का सार है धर्म का है रक्षक तू दुष्टों का संहारक है। तू सबमे है सब तुझमे हैं , सब तेरा है तू सबका है तू जीवन में है मरण में है तू सबके अन्तःकरण में है। हे कृष्ण, तेरी सृष्टि में पापी फिर कर रहे राज हैं  यहाँ पाप में तो पाप है और पुण्य में भी पाप है। तू इस रूप में आ या उस रूप में आ, नटखट नन्दलाल बन के आ या कल्कि अवतार लेके आ पाप पुण्य के इस द्वन्द को मिटाने  गीता का नया सार लिखने, तुझे आना ही होगा। बस ! बहुत हो गया अब  तुझे आना ही होगा,तुझे आना ही होगा  हे कृष्ण, तुझे आना ही होगा। - The Priest

Entropy of mind : The Randomness

As per "Second law of Thermodynamics" Entropy of universe is supposed to continuously increase with time. Entropy is a term in thermodynamic which basically refers to disorder or randomness in a system. It is also a measure of energy that is unavailable to do any kind of useful work. In a way entropy is such disorder of system which negatively effects the efficiency of any given system. This disorder can either increase or remain constant and it can never decrease in any isolated system. And there is only one condition where this disorder can be contained that is when all processes of the system become perfectly reversible. This entropy enters into mind of a person as soon it gets formed inside the womb of a mother and slowly slowly start unsettling it. Mind of a child,which got very low entropy, is generally very clear about surroundings, receptive of new ideas and can quickly learn and unlearn things. A young person got lesser baggage that is lesser innate disorder in his m

Canets vs Homus - Chapter 1 - Power Unknown

Time : 97000 BC Place : Planet Earth in Parallel Universe(215) There used to live a unique kind of animal known as Canets , can be considered as ancestor of modern day canines(family canidae) which consist of 36 types of animals. The Canets were very agile and strong animals with razor sharp claws and strong enough teeth to easily crush bones. They used to live and hunt as pack and had very strong sense of belongingness to the family as well as to their own species. Canets had olfactory receptors in trillions and thus got sniffing power so high that they could detect and track animals as far as 5 km away.  They could also communicate with each other by sending waves of different frequency to even far away areas. They used to communicate with Canets packs living far away exchanging information regarding availability of food and water in their area. Though areas were strictly divided and every pack used to defend their area vigorously but in case of need they used