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Shock in the midnight

It was around 11pm in the night of 7th September 2011, I was feeling very sleepy and was lying on the bed. As soon as i went into deep sleep , I felt as if someone is shaking me . Immediately i woke , what i felt that its not only me but the whole building is shaking . For a moment i was clueless . "what the hell is going on " i thought . Then suddenly it struck to me "Oh my god, its earthquake , am i fool not running to safer place".

I came out of my room and shouted " run to safe place , else we all be buried and dead" . I was wearing minimum required clothes ,just picked up my t-shirt and ran towards first floor , so that if necessary will jump from balcony in the field . Since my area is full of buildings so going to ground floor and taking longer route towards open field was not safe.

In those few minute a hell lot of thought crossed my mind, it seems to me that it may be the end .One thought which was not prominent was that i got good enough service and now what am i doing here in earthquake prone zone i.e. Delhi .

Few people gathered there on first floor , then it struck to me that i should have mobile with me for any emergency , so after waiting for some time i came back to my room took my mobile and this time decided to directly go towards open place .When i reached there , I saw whole colony came out and assembled in the field , Everyone was discussing about the intensity of the earthquake and what should be done to avoid damage .I called my family and friends and informed them , they immediately opened news channel and told me that its of intensity 6.6 with epicenter near south Delhi(my place) .

We waited for about 30 minutes in the field ,to avoid any aftereffects(second jolt which generally come within few minutes) of earthquake . Then I came back to my room and opened news website to read about it . Thankfully there was no damage due to earthquake . Later it was reported that actually the intensity was of 4.2 .

The after thought was that ......yuppie I experienced high voltage earthquake without facing its devastating effects and am still alive :)


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