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Lakswadeep - A paradise of its own kind

As we were flying from Kochi to Lakswadeep , we all were excited to see the relatively untouched land of Lakswadeep. The first view of Agatti island from the plane was so awesome and colorful that we all became sure that this visit is going to be awesome and curiosity to explore the island increased to the level max. After de-boarding the plane and clicking few pics we all proceeded towards guest house to change and have  our lunch. But we were so excited that we just changed our dress and went to the nearest beach without having lunch. The water at the beach was as transparent as it can be and since there were not much tourists allowed it was very clean.We enjoyed a bit there and then came back to guest house for lunch. At around 3:30 we went for scuba diving , there while others were doing scuba me and my friend manoj went to explore the island , around 200m from the beach we found some coconut fruit and tried to peel it to drink coconut water, but despite our best effort

आभार - by Shiv Mangal Singh 'Suman'

जिस-जिस से पथ पर स्नेह मिला, उस-उस राही को धन्यवाद। जीवन अस्थिर अनजाने ही, हो जाता पथ पर मेल कहीं, सीमित पग डग, लम्बी मंज़िल, तय कर लेना कुछ खेल नहीं। दाएँ-बाएँ सुख-दुख चलते, सम्मुख चलता पथ का प्रसाद -- जिस-जिस से पथ पर स्नेह मिला, उस-उस राही को धन्यवाद।

The Passing Out from NPA

As the passing out day was coming close a sense of happiness among all batchmates was growing. Don't know it was good or bad but due to very hectic schedule and almost nonstop parade practices we were not getting time to actually think much about it. It was while doing peeling off of last parade practice a sense of nostalgia creeped in and suddenly i realized that only a single day is there tp spent time with fellowmates. Anyway as expected a long briefing session followed the parade practice and after that i got busy with no-dues, packing etc. And in the evening i along with my buddy Ankur Jain went to railway station to recieve my and his parents and my sister where as if it seems even Indian railway wants to test our patience .We reached the station at 8:30 and the train which was till 8:30 was on time started getting late and eventually came about 3 hours late. We reached to the academy late about 12pm very tired and exhausted. I set the alarm at 7:40 next day and slept. Sudden