Entropy of mind : The Randomness

As per "Second law of Thermodynamics" Entropy of universe is supposed to continuously increase with time. Entropy is a term in thermodynamic which basically refers to disorder or randomness in a system.This entropy enters into mind of a person as soon it gets formed inside the womb of a mother and slowly slowly start unsettling it.

It was like writing whatever came to my mind at that instance without giving any deep thought to what I am writing and without thinking about correctness of language or words. And After every such writing I have felt very calm and content and for me it worked even better than meditation.

Mathura Incident : Time to rethink or perish

Time has come to look into matters from police point of view as well and public movement have to be made to support the cause of policemen for which IPS officers have to take lead from the front otherwise soon we will see total lawlessness for which we our-self will be responsible.

CSAT : To be or Not to be
Last few months there has been increasing incident of protest in Delhi against CSAT . People who are protesting wants CSAT to be scrapped completely along with demand that the change should be implemented from this year onward. The short term demand is to postpone the CSAT exam which is slated to be held on 24th August.

Atheism : why should we follow it
The world of spirituality is seeing a huge change. More and more people are giving serious thought about spirituality than ever before. With plenty of options available, they want to balance a material life with a spiritual life. Secondly, instead of adopting the family religion, they are using their right to pick and choose.

Why i am an Athiest
Atheist , the word generally carries negative meaning with it.Atheist is the person who does not believe in the god and people use to think that being atheist means the person will do all kinds of sin and involve himself in activities considered to be against the norms of the society.

The Sarkari way of Working
Since the childhood days whatever i got to know about the functioning of government department, the perception always have been of inefficient,slow and corrupt way of doing work. As i grow up this view got stronger.

Uttarakhand,Electronic media and Politicians
As soon as the disaster hit the state , the NDRF , Army and ITBP came into action to rescue the victims of flood. In initial phase when weather was hostile the rescue efforts were hampered due to the weather condition . But still these forces kept on doing whatever they can do.

Need of Terrorism Court
Terrorism have become a big problem now a days .Whenever it seems that now it will all stop now , a bomb blast takes place and make us realize that we are still not safe .

Ancient Civilizations : Did they solely belong to homo sapiens?
Whenever our scientists get any evidence of ancient civilization, they generally assume it without almost any hesitation that the discovered civilization must have been developed by our own species (homo sapiens) and not by any other possible species.But we should not ignore the slightest possibility of civilization being developed by any other species.

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