Why I am an Atheist

Atheist , the word generally carries negative meaning with it.Atheist is the person who does not believe in the god and people use to think that being atheist means the person will do all kinds of sin and involve himself in activities considered to be against the norms of the society.I want to redefine the word and give it my own meaning .For me Atheist is the person who does not believe in any present religious system.

I see an inherent flaw in almost all religions . They all consider their respective Bhagwan , Allah , Jesus etc to be omnipresent and believe that their god knows everything .Still they make prayer houses where the believer of the religion needs to go and pray . If god knows everything and is present everywhere why should there be Mandirs, Masjids ,Gurudwaras and churches .And why we need to pray something to god after all he knows everything and based on merit and needs of individual he will provide the required things to them.Are we supposed to influence god by praying and believe that those who do not pray will lag behind . In this way i think human tries to bribe god thinking that he is also susceptible to corruption .

It was ancient and medieval mentality to consider king as a god , in same way people started considering god as a king .There used to be definite places where king can hear peoples grievance and based on praise and offerings from his citizens ,he use to discriminate among them . I think in similar pattern people started making prayer houses and started praying . By doing so the so called believer of the god have degraded god's position to that of a mortal king.

The other flaw what i see in religious systems is the provision of getting rid of sins .I never understood how can be a person who always do wrong things and will keep doing wrong things get rid of all his sins just by visiting a place or taking bath in particular river or praying to his god in particular manner.This actually allows person to keep on doing unethical and antisocial things since he always have chance of getting rid of all sins he have accumulated till date.

In our society corruption is on rise and believe me almost all corrupt person is believer of god and offer his prayer to god daily ,and visit the holy places whenever he get chance.I am still unable to understand the mentality of such persons, do they want to deceive the god or want to confuse him. Or they think that god needs only prayer and visit to his places.

According to me if at all there is any god like thing , its only one and must be omnipresent and having knowledge of all things . And so one need not to go to prayer houses and offer prays and other things to god. The only way to please god is to keep doing good things and if there is god he must consider good persons ahead of bad persons irrespective of the amount of offerings and prayers .And if it's not happening then i don't believe in existence of  "The God" .


  1. nice views .let me add my perspective about religion too . First why religion itself exists ... what was or is the need of god . We can try to find the answer in very existence of everything around us , about which we do not know the origin . Also we need someone to take care of us when we are feeling very low and do no have anyone in real world who can help us . About the priests and maulanas , they are the people who have made changes in religious sstem such that even The most powerful king or ruler can not defy their wish and so these priests ans maulana continue to rule even though without having any real responsibility of the system .
    Also I will put few positive things about religion . Religion bind people into a common parcel . Take our Diwali festival , it is all in name of God but who enjoys and benefits most , we the people . Here religion creates the ultimate goal of spreading peace and harmony among the people . Yes , there are negatives too when the same religion becomes a tool for people to satisfy their thirst of power , ego and so called self esteem - yes I am talking about babri-kashmir-pelistine here . So current trend I see among people is to make Humanism their ultimate religion . So though animals are still not spared but till we find any developed alien species in the world , we Humans can live together peacefully :P ;) .


  2. Ignorance and fear residing in the brains of people is God. God is not something as told or written in our religious books. The so called religions are just a sedative pill to provide sleep to ignorant people in the blanket of hope and faith.
    This life has emerged from extreme intelligence with quest of curiosity which is the basic function of humans, animals or any creature we see. Maulana, Pandits in the name of religion are just killing that sense of question. The day when people will start questioning everything will come to rest in peace.

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