Need of Terrorism Court

Terrorism have become a big problem now a days .Whenever it seems that now it will all stop now , a bomb blast takes place and make us realize that we are still not safe . Followed by a set of predictable events , political leader visiting places , announcing compensation , police forces starts searching for the terrorists involved etc .

If  at all terrorist got caught a long judicial procedure starts and then clemency pleas . And going by the history of action taken on terrorists, it seems the procedure is endless . Even after almost 20 years we don't know what will happen to Nalini , Afzal guru looks quite confident that he is very safe and what to tell about Kasab , he is enjoying his days in Indian prisons on Indian expenses .

Apart from action taken on ground level and tightening up internal security ,what we need to understand is the urgent need of setting examples in front of terrorists by executing those who are caught as soon as possible . They should know that if once caught , their life will be in danger . For this we need speedy trials of terrorists .

On the line of National Green Tribunal , National Terrorism Court can be set up dealing exclusively to deal with terrorism matters . And government should provide enough resources to the court , to deliver time bound judgement . And for terrorists clemency pleas should be disallowed , so that matter may not be dragged unnecessarily .


  1. Not only National Terrorism court, but also there is need of strengthening of police system and as well as investigation on state of the art methods.

  2. Yup that is needed and is being done too...i just want to present a new dimension which is till now neglected....