Uttarakhand , Electronic media and Politicians

Almost a week ago landslides and heavy rain hit Uttarakhand having disastrous effect on the state. As soon as the disaster hit the state , the NDRF , Army and ITBP came into action to rescue the victims of flood. In initial phase when weather was hostile the rescue efforts were hampered due to the weather condition . But still these forces kept on doing whatever they can do. And as soon as the weather cleared out these forces increased their efforts to the maximum possible level.

Due to hostile terrain and high level of damages apart from weather condition obviously it was not possible to rescue everyone at one go . So , along with clear weather came media and almost every single electronic media claimed that they have correspondents everywhere , specially at those places where rescue teams have not reached. And the first thing they will show that people are hungry , sick waiting for being rescued.

It is justified that it is the media's duty to bring to people the condition prevailing in Uttarakhand. But most probably the media reached out to the ones who could still wait compared to others who are stuck in much more difficult situation. but even if they reached to someone i don't understand why can't media people took something along to eat and drink for those who are affected and help in rescue efforts. Also being aware of routes they could have guided and brought back some of the stuck people. May be it would have been better if media helped people and made them aware of rescue efforts going on so that they don't panic much , also the relatives and friends of those who are stuck would remain hopeful.

But the positive thing is that by showing all these lacunae in rescue efforts media must have created pressure on government to step up the rescue efforts to the maximum possible level . And seeing the disaster many people and organisations have donated money in disaster relief fund.

Last but not the least come into the scene very beloved and honourable politicians. It seemed that as soon as disaster hit the Uttarakhand politicians started making strategy to take maximum benefit from the disaster. One particular party claimed that they have their workers everywhere in Uttarakhand helping in relief work and the other party is doing nothing. Then someone claimed that he rescued a particular number of citizens of his state from Uttarakhand . One top leader showed on electronic media waving flag while sending trucks of materials to help out victims . Allegations and cross allegations on each other seemed the priority for these politicians along with showcasing their efforts in public.

I simply hoped that if all parties and the people could have worked together during the rescue phase leaving their party politics and personal difference behind till the completion of rescue . they have a lot of time remaining for claiming and allegations before next elections. anyway its democracy and everyone have right to speak and express at any point of time , may be they think that for doing whatever they are doing.


  1. Mr priest every one can't be priest. any how I have to add something to this. and this could be human tendency. Politian are from us. we ppl approch these politian for getting our work done by putting pressure on honest officer. If that officer refuses to do we wanted politian would do all the propaganda to win some vote for him. there are clearcut policy on building houses in hilly area which will preserve the nature but what we do just opposite. If we want to visit mountain then we should ask for facility which are here in Delhi or any big city.

  2. completely agree ..... and thanks for adding this point :)