Canets vs Homus - Chapter 2 - The First Move

Time : 89600 BC

Place : Nyonshi, South of Tibet in Parallel Universe(215)

The Homus, armed with spear and fire, were slowly and surely gaining upper grounds, but the move was not yet troubling for Canets as there was more than enough food available for the current population of both species. Canets and Homus normally don't use to attack each other because they were wary of each other's spears and razor sharp claws and no one wanted any injury which may permanently make a dent in their ability to hunt. In wilderness a carnivorous animal ,who is not able to hunt, is as good as dead animal. Barring a few incidents they were peacefully coexisting.

As It goes without saying that change is the only constant , the environment on parallel earth started changing with the advent of the ICE age. With decreasing temperature many hitherto green areas started converting into barren ice lands.This decrease in vegetation resulted in decrease in availability of food for herbivorous animals adversely affecting their population. Fall in number of herbivorous animals, 
food source of carnivorous animals, resulted in increased competition between carnivorous animals, thereby disturbing the balance of power between Canets and Homus.

The Homus who had by now improved their spears and had also started learning the art of using fire as a weapon were proving themselves to be better hunters than Canets. Since it was a question of basic food needs and survival they had no other option but to hunt and gather food by hunting whatever prey available to them. Due to limited availability ,The Canets, despite being great hunters, were not able to fulfil their food needs. The unsaid rule of non-interference got challenged as Canets started trying snatching the prey hunted,most of the time unsuccessfully, by Homus. While the population of Homus remain unaffected the Canets were surely feeling the heat of advent of the ICE age.

During these days, at the location known as Nyonshi,situated south of Tibet ,Wuldram, the leader of a pack of Canets, thought of an idea to bring his pack as well as his species out of this misery. Wuldram, using the great Canet power of long distance communication, discussed his idea with the leaders of packs of the areas as far away as 10 km. Those leaders and subsequent leaders relayed the idea to even further areas.In this way Wuldram covered an area of almost 1000 sq km and convinced everyone to join the cause. After detailed discussion everyone agreed to the idea and asked Wuldram to lead the mission.

The core idea was that it is high time to wipe out the biggest competitor from their territory and thus ensure total control on food. Wuldram told everyone that since Homus got better weapons and normally the group size of Canets and Homus are almost similar, it's almost impossible to defeat in territory-by-territory battle. He came up with the idea of a joint,10 packs at a time, and sustained attack on different groups of Homus effectively making it a 10 vs 1 battle.The attack was planned to take place on the coming full moon.

On the D day different clans of Homus,totally unaware of what was coming, were busy hunting for their day to day survival. At midnight Wuldram and his force attacked as planned. Outnumbered 10 times, despite having better weapons and skills, Homus had no chance against powerful and mighty Canets. Thus the massacre started at midnight and continued till morning, one by one at different locations. Taken aback by the attack Homus tried running for their life, some climbed on nearest tall trees and some hid inside mountain caves but the majority died fighting courageously.

This attack effectively gave total control to Wuldram and his army. Canets were equipped with faster means of communication, hence they communicated this win to other Canets all over the world before Homus could warn their counterparts in other parts of the world. Canets all over the world followed this strategy with similar success before Homus could even realise about what's happening.

The leftover Homus, known to be good at improvising and using their brains wisely, were few in numbers and were scattered. The limitation with them was that Canets were everywhere on the ground and that they didn't have technique to have long distance communication and hence were not able to share their experience of defeat with each other and devise any sort of plan to come out of this misery. They were probably waiting for a valiant hero who could take the risk of a long journey and regroup the Homus.

To be continued in Next Chapter…….