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The Parallel Universe : A Hyopthesis in simple words

Parallel universe is a concept whereby it is proposed that alternate universe or alternate reality co-exists with existing one. A set of many such parallel universes is known as a multiverse. A parallel universe may almost completely resemble,with minor differences, with current one or may be so much different that it may as well be following different sets of laws of physics.

There are many hypotheses regarding creation and existence of such parallel universes. Here I am proposing my own hypothesis which is derivative of my in depth analysis and imagination based on knowledge acquired from different sources. Like all other existing hypotheses on this topic, the current hypothesis is also a little complex but still I will try to explain in simple words in this article so that everyone can get to understand the basic concept of it. A more technical one will be written separately soon.

Concept :
As per concept of wave particle duality all material things and energy forms exhibit property of both wave as well as particle.This coupled with Heisenberg uncertainty principle and Schrodinger's theory give conclusion that any particular object, living or non living may exists at innumerable place in innumerable state with different probability. But then the question arises how we see a particular object at a particular place in a particular state when it can exist at many places simultaneously that too in many different states. To answer this question comes the Copenhagen interpretation.

According to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, normally physical systems do not have definite properties prior to being measured, and quantum mechanics can only predict the probability distribution of a given measurement's possible results. The act of measurement affects the system, causing the set of probabilities to reduce to only one of the possible values immediately after the measurement. This feature is known as wave function collapse, a phenomenon whereby a wave function which is a superimposition of several eigenstates suddenly reduces to a single eigenstate due to interaction with the external world.

A non-physics person can completely ignore the above two paragraphs as I mentioned it just to give a little technical background to the concept. The only thing needs to be taken out from above theories is that observation,measurement and interaction affects our world and gives it different values, sizes and shapes. The number of ways a non living entity may observe, measure and interact with the outer world is almost always constant, other than few unpredictable processes such as radioactive decay, while when it comes to living entities they may choose to do it in different ways. The more evolved the species is the more choices his mind will be able formulate to and thus exercise.

Creation : Every such different probable way results in the creation of a parallel universe. The non living entity keeps on creating a very limited number of parallel universes while the living entity, depending on its stage of evolution, keeps on creating parallel universes in much higher numbers. Here it's important to understand that the new universe does not mean creation of a whole new universe, it means that one extra dimension in the existing universe has been created and a part of the every existing particle wave in the current universe flows into it creating new probabilities. Thus Every universe creation results in one extra dimension to the existing universe in which new universes independent of the old universe start progressing.

This seems like universe burst as every single choice made in every single universe will result in a new universe, thus effectively exponential growth in number of universes will happen resulting in infinite universes within a few minutes. But this is not the case as continuous merging and purging of universes keeps on happening. And the maximum number of universes is not infinite but is limited.

Limitation : Here I propose that the maximum number of universes a living mind can create is limited to (maximum velocity a mind can perceive/measure)² that is c² in case of humans where “c” is speed of light. For less evolved species c will have lower values while for species more evolved than humans c will be higher than velocity of light(yes i am also proposing that velocity higher than that of light is possible which we will be discussing in some other write-up). This proposition is derived from the famous Einstein mass and energy equivalence equation E=mc².To keep it simple I will explain the physics behind this limitation theory separately. The limitation is in the extent of measurement, the extent to which a mind can imagine possibilities and convert it into reality. This balance is achieved through a continuous process of abrupt end and merger of different stable and unstable existing universes giving way to continuous formation of new ones.

Merging : I will try to explain this by example of human beings. Human mind is considered to be at a very advanced stage of evolution and has the capability to work out more possibilities than any other known living being. Every choice made by the human mind creates a new universe.along with creation, a large number of these universes keeps on ending abruptly with unnatural death of the human in the concerned universe, For example death due to natural calamity, Road accidents, diseases etc., of the person.

Even a larger chunk of these universes prove to be unstable after a certain time of its creation due to the unstable eigenstate with no possible eigenvalue of few or many particle waves flowing into that dimension. These unstable universes tend to merge in one of the existing universes. For human beings and other living entities it happens at times when the mind is at rest and in dormant state,majorly during sleep. This merging explains the phenomenon of dream, which is nothing but actually a glimpse of the merging unstable parallel universe. When due to certain reasons a person doesn't get enough sleep he in extreme situations may happen to see the glimpse even with open eyes which seems like an illusion. Some time this merging happens even during totally awaken state which most of the time seems like daydreaming. 

End : Every creation of a new dimension results in expansion of the particle wave in a new dimension, thereby reducing probability of existence of the person in the original universe. The same logic also explains that every merger/end results in increased probability of existence in the original universe. As the number of universes, after continuous process of creation, abrupt ends and merger, reaches to the maxima that is c², the wave function of the person reaches in such a state where the wave function of collapse happens resulting in one single outcome that is natural death of the person. With the natural death of a person all parallel universes created by his mind come to an end and convert into a fact for all other existing universes.

Feel free to put Questions, Arguments and Feedback in comment box.


  1. Interesting proposition.
    I do agree with this idea of existence of parallel universe..
    I woud also like to add the concept of innovation and creativity as I came across from readings of Aurbindo and in lecture series of a physicist Prof George Sudarshan.
    As per Prof.. innovation and creativity ....the eureka moment.. come from nowhere... that is to say once you allow your own thought process to accept and open for new fact when one is trying to innovate

    He or she attracts such things and more liable to recieve it..

    Will be writing more about it any one is interested in knowing more..

  2. Innovative abStract & viSion... Skillfully formulated in univerSal dimenSion....highly fascinating...✨✨👏👏👏


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