Entropy of mind : The Randomness

As per "Second law of Thermodynamics" Entropy of universe is supposed to continuously increase with time. Entropy is a term in thermodynamic which basically refers to disorder or randomness in a system. It is also a measure of energy that is unavailable to do any kind of useful work. In a way entropy is such disorder of system which negatively effects the efficiency of any given system. This disorder can either increase or remain constant and it can never decrease in any isolated system. And there is only one condition where this disorder can be contained that is when all processes of the system become perfectly reversible.

This entropy enters into mind of a person as soon it gets formed inside the womb of a mother and slowly slowly start unsettling it. Mind of a child,which got very low entropy, is generally very clear about surroundings, receptive of new ideas and can quickly learn and unlearn things. A young person got lesser baggage that is lesser innate disorder in his mind thus stay more happy, cheerful and positive about its surroundings.He is able to reflect on things in better ways and inherently more fearless to take on any challenge compared to his old self. This is why a child sleeps way more peacefully compared to a grown up person.

As a person grow older naturally he gets to learn many new things and gain experience about its surroundings. Every incident, be it positive,negative or neutral one, leaves unique mark in his mind and his innate ordered positiveness gets affected. This creates disorder in the system resulting in increase in entropy in his mind. The "ability to learn" and more so "ability to unlearn" things decrease. As the age catches up with the person, actively and passively, positive and negative, innumerable things keep running in his mind. The person becomes more cautious and suspicious about the surrounding and slowly but surely becomes more and more negative about prevailing things. A higher form of entropy may also result in depression, addiction, self harm, short tempered behaviour, greediness etc. The entropy also adversely affect the regenerative powers of our cells resultantly taking toll on both mental as well as physical health.

This does not mean that once things deteriorated it cannot be controlled. Though its true that entropy can never decrease in isolated system but then our brain is not an isolated machine. It is very much connected to our body as well as to the surrounding environment. So with serious efforts we can, though only in limited ways, bring back some order in our brain.For this we have to believe in our-self, focus inside our mind, avoid all kind of negative energy and with effort create positiveness to push disorder out of the mind to the universe.The most famous way of reducing entropy, which can be tried is doing meditation in which person focuses on his internal energy and try to calmly control his thoughts and actions.But it can be seen that majority of people find it difficult to sustain with continuously doing meditation. 

Those who are not very comfortable or regular with meditation need not to loose hope. Any simple natural hobby or in-fact even your regular job done with passion and positive attitude may work as effectively as meditation can. Many scriptures and religious texts including the famous Bhagwat Geeta have either put 'Karma Yoga" above "Bhakti Yoga" or atleast at same level.For a sports loving person his favourite sport can do wonders in keeping mind peacefully balanced, those who got hobbies like painting, singing, dancing, cooking, writing etc can also get enough order in his mind just by religiously pursuing his hobby. Here let me clarify that you need not to be even average in his area of interest, its just that your intensity of interest should be above average in those areas and you should enjoy what you are doing. Even your job, if done with positive attitude may help creating order in your mind.

The more you keep things ordered and simple, the lesser will be entropy resulting in more peaceful,calm and stable mind.



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