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Few lines by me for my Dearest sister

At the age of one year.....
  I knocked the heaven's door....
God asked " My son , r you not happy on the beautiful earth where you have your angel mother and divine father"
I replied " But i don't have anyone like other children to play with and spend time "
God Said " Don't worry , I will make sure that you have the best sister on the earth "

Two days later i again knocked the door.....
God asked " now what happened"
I replied " I need a friend too as other people on the earth have"
God said " My dear son, your sister will be your best friend"

Down the line after many years ...during my teenage I once again knocked the door.....
God asked " r u still unhappy "
I replied " I am very happy with my life but there is no one around m to understand me and my thoughts "
God said " oh !! that's not a problem , it will b again your sister, who shall understand you "

Today , I again knocked the heaven's door
God with a little anger asked " Now what"
I said " I just want to thank you for giving me such a sweet sister"

God smiled an said " My dear son , thank your sister as she readily agreed to bore th burden i gave her is actually modern goddess of bliss faith and care "

So i wrote this to thank you my dear sweet little sister....dolly.....


  1. my my ... who is more lucky ... da adorable siso or da doting bro :->

    guess who ??? :P

  2. wow just awesome .............. :-)

  3. "Thanks, Uncle," Amba said while stepping down from Bus, She is dusky in color,5.7feet height ,Dark black hairs, big eyes but with a dull smile on her face .She is a commerce student .

    “Hello Amba” her step Mom Shreya said, Amba didn't reply back , she again said, "Are you hungry?"
    “No ! I am not “Amba replied in a very harsh tone ,she took a packet of bread and chocolate spread
    From fridge and directly went to her room and closed her door .

    Vikrant is Amba’sfather ,they basically hailed from Rajasthan, Vikrant is in Clothes Business . Vikrant and Amba barely have a conversation in months. Vikrant lost his first wife when Amba born this is the first reason he hates Amba&she is a girl , he never wanted a girl ,he always wants to be a proud father of a boy.
    When Amba was of ten years , he married Shreya. Shreya was working as an Architect in a reputed firm in Jaipur . Their marriage was like a mutual understanding between their families, as Vikrant was full flourished Businessman and Shreya left her husband’s house on the second day because her husband confessed that he loves someone else and because of family pressure he married Shreya ,as Shreya was well-educated and dignified women so she left him and after eight years she married to Vikrant . Vikrant knows that very well that he is not able to love anyone in his life, not even his daughter so how he will love Shreya, but somewhere deep inside he hoped for a boy and believed in fortune so he married Shreya .
    Amba was growing and also sensing the environment around her ,she wants love and care from her father ,she wants to hug her father and wants a kiss on her forehead like other kids to do, but it never came true .
    Because of full grown Business vikrant shifted to Calcutta with Shreya and Amba .Amba was very upset with their decision and Amba’s hate for Shreya started growing more and more .Shreya always wants to involve in Amba’s life but Amba never let her.Amba spends countless noon and evenings alone after school because she doesn’t like Shreya if she came early and her father never came early .She enjoys a lot being alone rather than being with Shreya .
    Amba always uses to peep through window whenever she feels that her father came home with a hope in her eyes .She hopes that one day her father will come & kiss her forehead & will put the blanket on her . But that never came .She slept every night waiting for this to happen . Every night Amba throws her blanket , so if her father will see it he will come and put the blanket on her and that much would be enough for her ,but every night Shreya do the same for her . Amba hates this when Shreya touches her forehead , this gesture of Shreya was like stepping on her last hope of coming near to her father for the day. Amba always thinks that why Shreya is pretending , when her father is not concerned about her than whyShreya ? To whom she is showing ?

  4. On the other hand, Shreya was sitting alone in the lobby , today again Vikrant is not coming , he just messaged her . Shreya switched lights off and turned her tape recorder on, she started humming her favorite song with the tape recorder " Aamar mon maane na Dinrajoni. Aami ki kothay………….” . She closed her eyes and stopped thinking about anything . No one was by her side , she was all alone , just air ,fresh flowers smell from her garden and a breeze coming from poolside , she is letting herself dissolve in the aura of nature . She spends most of her nights sitting on that wooden bamboo comfortable chair looking at moon and stars , she wonders a lot that if we think about universe how small we are over here , with reference to universe our solar system is very small , with reference to solar system earth is just a little part and if we compare ourself with respect to earth we are like microbes even from space we are not visible , so if we compare ourself from universe its like we are not existing but in our life we all are special or not so special ,if anything happens to anyone no matter how much beautiful thing or how much painful it will never make any impact on earth or universe , an individual's life not exists with universe but still we are living it so especially so so seriously with high values with love with pain with grudges with expectations with dreams and with all those number of feelings . Millions of peoples born every day millions of peoples die every day but this time never stops this life cycle never stops for anyone . She slept there tangled in her own thought .
    She waked up someone was knocking the Door ,it’s Abhik . Abhik is Amba's childhood friend . Abhik and Amba were in the same school ,now in the same college in Calcutta & they are also two door away neighbors .
    Hello, Aunty ! Where is Amba ? Abhik asked , Shreya greeted Abhik with a smile and invited him inside.
    Let me check that whether she is up or not Shreya said.” It’s okay Aunty! I will find her “ Abhik replied and climbed stairs towards Amba’s room . Shreya made Black Tea for her & strong coffee for Amba & Abhik .Abhik is trying to wake Amba up but Amba is making excuses that she don't want to go college today . Well! Abhik knew Amba very well ," you haven't completed your assignment again," Abhik said , Amba covered her face with pillow & nodded her head . "Okay here is a deal, I will complete your assignment , you take a half hour to get ready and you will come with me as a personal security to protect me from Girls , you know how much wanted I am in college ?" Abhiik said.
    Amba replied in a sarcastic tone “Is I am more muscular than you , what do you think I can fight with five girls at a time , Dude you are wrong then “.
    "Do you know my mom says that your voice is so poisonous that you can kill anyone with your words " and Abhik made his face more sarcastic than Amba. Amba interrupted " But Mr. Abhik you are still alive and your respected Mom too “. Shreya enters in Amba’s room with their coffee , Abhik looked at Shreya and said yes I am still alive because Shreya Aunty has antidotes of your poison that is her beautiful smile . Amba pushed Abhik from her Bed and said whatever just go away .
    Apart from jokes you have 30 mins to complete my assignment and then I will accompany you otherwise deal cancel . They shook hands and marched in different directions .

  5. Here your Breakfast is ready kids , don't forget to eat breakfast because it is very much the necessary diet of the day , Abhik rhymed this whole line with Shreya because he is listening to these words from last ten years . Shreya left home for the office , Abhik and Amba for college .
    Abhik and Amba first met in school when Amba was little 12 year girl , Abhik was little fat boy at that time ,sitting on the first bench , teacher's favorite , no friends , Amba was new in that class , teacher asked Abhik to accompany her and help her in completing her syllabus as Amba was little lazy in studies , Abhik helped a lot to finish her work at that time .
    On the fifth day of school , the last bell rings everyone was happy because its Sports/extracurricular class but Abhik made the sad smiley face , the class was empty , Amba was standing on classroom's door waiting for Abhik but Abhik was still in his seat . Amba came near to him . Amba asked Abhik " Why are you not coming ,its sports class, Let's go, She said cheerfully and surprisingly looking at him.
    Abhik said a big No to her .
    Amba :Why Not ,this is the most happening time in the whole day .
    Abhik : Teacher asked me to learn swimming but I am scared of water and also I don’t want to run or play football or cricket or tennis or ……..
    Amba: Stop, tell me what do you want then.
    Abhik : Video Games and Puzzles , why don't they consider them in the sports category.
    Amba was silently listening to him and staring at his face with her big eyes when he finished his line Amba held his hand and dragged him from class . After five minutes both are standing in front of swimming pool in swimsuits . The trainer was surprised that how she convinced him , he was surprisingly looking at her , she looked at the trainer and said I just dragged him. She said you will be fine Abhik , let's do this together and that was the starting of a there journey " Abhik and Amba".Whenever and wherever Amba dragged Abhik , Abhik just followed her without any questions , he knows that he will be fine with Amba.
    This was her Class 11thAnnual Sports meet. Amba participated in Swimming Competition , parents are also invited in this , Competition was about to start , Amba was waiting for Vikrant , her eyes were screening the whole crowd but its Shreya sitting on Vikrant’s seat cheerfully clapping for participants . Amba was very upset at that time , Abhik was accompanying Shreya and shouting for Amba.
    Amba got first prize in that Competition , Shreya was waiting to hug Amba and to show how much she is happy for her but Amba avoided Shreya and dragged Abhik towards School Bus . When Shreya saw all these things she felt broken but anyway she collected herself and went met her trainer . She came to know that Amba is best in the whole school in swimming . Shreya was very happy after knowing this ,Shreya was again lost in thoughts while driving about her career . When she opened gate she saw Shreya sitting in lawn with her trophy , Shreya felt not to disturb her and went inside . Amba was waiting for Vikrant , she thought that when he will come she will show her trophy him and he will hug her ,

  6. Shreya is, again and again, checking on her from window , the sun almost goes down but there is no sign of Vikrant , Shreya knew very well that he is not coming . Suddenly she heard some noise coming from bushes in her garden than she slowly went near bushes .
    Amba to herself : Oh Gosh! It’s a baby dog .
    Shreya was standing behind her and watching her . Shreya said a baby dog is called a Puppy . Amba looked back and said I know that .
    Next moment Amba was talking to the puppy that " I think you are lost , your father must be looking for you , but wait do your father loves you ? I think that's why you are lost . Don't worry one day he will . She took the puppy and came inside . Shreya gave milk to both of them .
    Next day when Abhik came to meet Amba .
    Abhik: I came to know you foud a Puppy.
    Amba: His name is Picky .
    Abhik: Why you named him Picky .
    Amba: Because I picked him from bushes .
    Abhik : Should I meet him ?
    Amba: No! He is busy with his toys, I gave him all my childhood toys to play with .
    Abhik : Amba!
    Amba : Yes .
    Abhik: I am scared .
    Amba : Why?
    Abhik: You shared our toys with him , he will become the best buddy of yours and you will forget me Amba .
    Amba: Don't cry like a baby , let's go otherwise we will miss our school Bus .
    Amba found a new chapter Picky in her life after Abhik Picky was there , but she never stopped doing things to attract her father’s love towards her.
    Days are passing like this , Shreya noticed that Amba is a very good swimmer , So Shreya asked Vikrant to get the personal trainer for Amba but Vikrant gave her a tough look . He said " What do you want to prove ,don't interfere in her life and also don't discuss it with me . She is a girl and she meant to get married only , you were also your parent's daughter ,what you did for them . Most important thing you are not her mother so don't try to be Vikrant finished his line with angry eyes. Shreya was listening Vikrant and thinking that this is how he thinks about women, she knows that she can’t help him

  7. because this is what with which he is grown , she knows your words can’t , but your actions can define you, So she haven’t spoke a word.
    Shreya somehow managed a good personal trainer for Amba in the evening and asked Amba to join him .
    Amba got mad at Shreya , Amba said you don’t want to see me home that’s why you managed this trainer and listen I don’t want to see you too . So this would be great for both of us ,I will join this trainer . Harsh words of Amba were trying to break her but the last sentence of Amba that " I will join" has created a wave of happiness inside her.
    Amba started practicing . After college Abhik and Picky accompany her for swim practice . Shreya always wanted to see her practice but she was scared that Amba will get mad at her . Sometimes Shreya was not able to control her feelings , so she went there to see her from a distance and came back home with a lot of satisfaction from life .
    Finally, the day came, selection of State level championship has started. Amba was also prepared for that , Shreya was waiting to take her to the stadium . That day first time Amba called her father in his office , his secretary picked his phone , he said Sir is busy in a meeting , do you have any message to give him . Amba gathered all her courage and asked him to inform her father. Amba felt a little hope that her father would come because this is a very special moment .
    The competition was about to began , Amba’s heart was beating more louder that she felt like she can listen this heart beat sound . Her eyes were again started screening the crowd , on the other hand, count down began , she closed her eyes , she assumed that her father is watching her swimming for the first time and she gave her best with whole energy and completed her swimming , results were announced ,
    Amba got the first rank , she won the competition and also to represent at National level . Abhik came and hugged her “ I knew you can Amba I knew” . Amba was standing on stage to get her trophy , the jury asked Shreya to accompany him while giving the trophy to Amba , after this scene Amba face became red with anger . on the other hand, Shreya can't stop her tears of happiness. After the ceremony Shreya holds Amba's hand , the anger which Amba was controlling has burst . She threw her trophy , she said " whenever I see you near to me , do you know what happens ? You kill my each little hope for my father's love . You invaded in my life , you take my father from me . Why the hell you came in our life ? And you know my father is too not happy with you ‘ so Why are you staying ?
    This time, Shreya was not strong enough to hold herself , she burst into tears . When Amba has about left her there in that condition , Shreya stopped Amba .
    Shreya to Amba : Do you know Amba , everyone has a salvation point , after getting that point you can't desire for anything else from your life like you want your father's love and nothing else from your life . Do you know What's mine ? It's you Amba , the day when I first saw you , a little beautiful girl alone with empty eyes , I decided that you can't deserve this , I will make your life

  8. beautiful and this reason was enough to say yes for Vikrant to my parents . As you say your father like me but Amba I respect him because there are very few real men who love there wife so deeply and your father is from one of them , he never forgets your mother not for a single day Amba . You know today I am not going to stop because I think I also can't hold this , I too can become mother and that was the main reason Why Vikrant married me , but I thought a lot about this If I will give birth to a daughter then she will also struggle for her father's love and if it's a boy then you will feel more neglected and your childhood will fill with negativeness and bitterness , so I decided to change my medical reports that I can't be a mother Amba because I thought I am already a mother ,you are my Daughter but whenever you take my name Shreya it hurts me a lot . You and your father are same , you are rocks , you people never melted for me , after this moment if I think what my life is , than the answer is senseless , I got nothing from my life , people judged me when my first marriage broke they blamed me for this , I got a stamp of Divorcee and this stamp never let me to live my life again , people blamed me as a stepmom whenever they saw you sad , I was almost boycotted from society because I can’t answer them of their questions . Tell me Amba what I am supposed to do now . Amba like you waiting to see " how blue your Sapphire is " I am also waiting to see mine also Amba , I haven't given you birth but Amba my love and devotion to nurturing you was not fake , it is real Amba . My life was totally empty but when you came in my life , I got a reason to live my life again but you never accepted me .
    Amba was listening all these things from Shreya , she never saw her like this , Amba was feeling like something has covered her eyes , why she didn’t saw all these things , she is not a bad person than how she did so unfair with Shreya . Amba's body became numb at that time , she wanted to say a thousand words but she wasn't able to spoke a single word, Amba's tears were rolling on her cheeks , she just hugged her mother for the very first time and said " I am sorry" and she, again and again, repeating these words . Shreya also hugged her very tightly , they both were crying like never . Far away Vikrant was standing with his filled eyes , he just sat on his knees asking Shreya and Amba that it might be late but please give him a chance , a glow was on Shreya’s face will be seemed from very far , Amba gathered her voice and said “ you watched my swimming , do you ?” Vikrant wasn’t able to speak , he just nodded his head . Abhik was standing a few pace away watching all these moments , Amba called him and hugged him too , Vikrant holds Amba’s hand and said “ let’s go Home “ . They started moving towards car , Abhik turned back and picked Amba’s trophy , he said “ Do we need this?” Amba without saying a word just grabbed his hands and dragged him .
    Abhik : Amba I am going to name this trophy “Picky” .
    Amba : Why ?
    Abhik : Because I picked this from ground .
    Amba: Nonsense .


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The Union Cabinet recently approved a scheme for creation of a National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) for providing Broadband connectivity to Panchayats. The objective of the scheme is to extend the existing optical fiber network which is available up to district / block HQ’s level to the Gram Panchayat level initially by utilizing the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF). The cost of this initial phase of the NOFN scheme is likely to be about Rs.20,000 crore. A similar amount of investment is likely to be made by the private sector complementing the NOFN infrastructure while providing services to individual users. In economic terms, the benefits from the scheme are expected through additional employment, e-education, e-health, e-agriculture etc. and reduction in migration of rural population to urban areas. As per a study conducted by the World Bank, with every 10% increase in broadband penetration, there is an increase in GDP growth by 1.4%. NOFN will also facilitate implemen

किसको नमन करूँ मैं भारत? - Kisko Naman Karu Mein Bharat?

A poem dedicated to the nation written by Ramdhari Singh "dinkar"... तुझको या तेरे नदीश, गिरि, वन को नमन करूँ, मैं ? मेरे प्यारे देश ! देह या मन को नमन करूँ मैं ? किसको नमन करूँ मैं भारत ? किसको नमन करूँ मैं ? भू के मानचित्र पर अंकित त्रिभुज, यही क्या तू है ? नर के नभश्चरण की दृढ़ कल्पना नहीं क्या तू है ? भेदों का ज्ञाता, निगूढ़ताओं का चिर ज्ञानी है मेरे प्यारे देश ! नहीं तू पत्थर है, पानी है जड़ताओं में छिपे किसी चेतन को नमन करूँ मैं ? भारत नहीं स्थान का वाचक, गुण विशेष नर का है एक देश का नहीं, शील यह भूमंडल भर का है जहाँ कहीं एकता अखंडित, जहाँ प्रेम का स्वर है देश-देश में वहाँ खड़ा भारत जीवित भास्कर है निखिल विश्व को जन्मभूमि-वंदन को नमन करूँ मैं ! खंडित है यह मही शैल से, सरिता से सागर से पर, जब भी दो हाथ निकल मिलते आ द्वीपांतर से तब खाई को पाट शून्य में महामोद मचता है दो द्वीपों के बीच सेतु यह भारत ही रचता है मंगलमय यह महासेतु-बंधन को नमन करूँ मैं ! दो हृदय के तार जहाँ भी जो जन जोड़ रहे हैं मित्र-भाव की ओर विश्व की