Few lines by me for my Dearest sister

At the age of one year.....
  I knocked the heaven's door....
God asked " My son , r you not happy on the beautiful earth where you have your angel mother and divine father"
I replied " But i don't have anyone like other children to play with and spend time "
God Said " Don't worry , I will make sure that you have the best sister on the earth "

Two days later i again knocked the door.....
God asked " now what happened"
I replied " I need a friend too as other people on the earth have"
God said " My dear son, your sister will be your best friend"

Down the line after many years ...during my teenage I once again knocked the door.....
God asked " r u still unhappy "
I replied " I am very happy with my life but there is no one around m to understand me and my thoughts "
God said " oh !! that's not a problem , it will b again your sister, who shall understand you "

Today , I again knocked the heaven's door
God with a little anger asked " Now what"
I said " I just want to thank you for giving me such a sweet sister"

God smiled an said " My dear son , thank your sister as she readily agreed to bore th burden i gave her ....sh is actually modern goddess of bliss faith and care "

So i wrote this to thank you my dear sweet little sister....dolly.....

Thank you , 
Gaurav Yadav


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