India and China - Can they afford hostile relation between them??

India and China , both are considered to be among oldest 'continuous' civilization , both were well advanced than their peers in ancient time , both experienced low phase in post medieval period  and now both in this modern era are competing each other to become future superpower of the world.

Though these two countries are immediate neighbors , the difference between them can not be over emphasized. The Great Himalayan Range ensured the interaction between two countries to remain at minimal level in pre modern era .There are only few instances of Chinese traveler to cross Himalaya and visit India and fewer instance of armed conflict between two nation .

Even in modern era of globalization the stark difference between two nations remains at its place . The largest democracy of world can only be contrasted by largest communist nation of the world . The emerging services hub(i.e India) can only be complimented by the emerging manufacturing hub(i.e. China) . And the problem is that now with sophisticated arms and technologies Himalaya will no more act as deterrent if two countries turn hostile to each other.

These two countries cooperate well with each other when it comes to cooperation on global level on issues such as Climate Change , Reforms in IMF, World bank etc . Also these two countries are jointly members of groups such as BRIC ,RIC, CHISBA etc . So it can be safely assumed that on multilateral forum they support each other barring on few issues such as Reforms in Security council of UN.

But when it come to bilateral issues the relation is not so cordial .There are many issue which remains unresolved including the issue boundary dispute  And to keep the issue of arunanchal pradesh alive china every time brings the issue of Indian sovereignty over Kashmir . Even when India recognizes the Chinese sovereignty over Tibet,  China seems to reluctant to return favor in case of Arunanchal Pradesh and Kashmir. The issue of staples visa to kashmiris, denial to provide normal visa to northern army commander, unwelcome encroachment on Indian land are some of the examples which shows Chinese bullish attitude.Keeping in mind the technological advancement of China, India needs have enough deterrent power to counter any hostile armed conflict with china.

The fact that in modern conditions two serious and sensible emerging power can not afford hostile neighbor is acting in favor of positive relation between two countries. With hostile neighbor even a very powerful country will feel insecure having negative impact on investment and economic growth and thus may not emerge on global level as super power.Unless and until some mindless ruler comes in one of two countries the armed conflict is totally out of question . It will destroy both  nation winner as well as looser of the conflict. And the dream of becoming super power which almost every citizen of both countries see will be shattered into pieces.

We can not afford conflict and its our necessity to have friendly relation with each other .India and China, both have to find ways of having normal relationship within their constraints .It may be friendship of unlikes but similar to the case of multilateral forums these two countries need to cooperate on bilateral forum too. This is what time demands and world expects from emerging superpowers .


  1. Yes , they need each-other's cooperation ... But I guess with economic reforms rolled out much later in 1992 compared to china's 1978 , India is more needy ... To be true China is eying G2 with US and India is still competing for permanent UNSC seat . All major countries sitting at hugs pile of Nuclear weapons , armed conflict among nation seems a thing of past . Also as much economies integrate with and depend on each other there would be lesser chances of conflict . China's main reason to conflict with India is Dalai Lama . He is same to China as Gilani is to us . Dalai Lama is single most danger for One China . With The new Dalai Lama taking the seat , he might not be that much connected with Tibbat people and his focus may shift more to welfare of his people in India compared to those still living in Tibbat .
    Let us hope for the best :)