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Canets vs Homus - Chapter 3 - Holding the ground

Time : 89600BC-79000BC

Place : Planet Earth in Parallel Universe(215)

Wuldram, the tallest, strongest and wisest of all Canets, even after defeating and pushing back Homus to the brink of extinction didn’t wanted to leave any chances of resurgence of Homus, as he knew that Homus are certainly more intelligent and once they get to the break-even population they will start reclaiming the lost ground. With a mission to hunt down every last existing Homus, Wuldram prepared different teams of Canets based on abilities of different breeds of Canets and assigned them tasks accordingly. Amongst 36 existing breeds 5 most noticeable breeds were Wulds, Drogs, Jhynas, Shrozs and Chagats.


Wulds was the ruler breed of the Canets, also the mother breed of the Wuldram. Wulds were most strongly built Canets with average height of 2 meters ,length around 3 metres and used to weigh more than 200kgs. Even with this heavy built up they were very agile, fast and ferocious with best hunting abilities. During those time no animal of any species was any match to Wulds in one-on-one fight. Adding to this their minds were sharper than almost all other breeds of Canets. 

Apart from physical strength, sharp brain, and best hunting abilities It was their special ability to form teams and make teams work for the species makes them the natural leader of Canets. Their timely decision making abilities have kept the species ahead of all others.


It was necessary to track movement of Homus even in far of areas, so that any built-up can be destroyed at starting itself. Wuldram gave this task to one of the breed of Canets known as Drogs. Drogs had small, lean and thin built up with high smelling power and were very good at stealthily keeping watch upon their enemy. If needed they could even feed on plants giving out impression that they are herbivorous animal and thus silently assimilating themselves in herds of other herbivorous animal. They were also very good hunters but were asked to use their hunting ability only when it's very necessary. 

Different groups of drogs were assigned different areas by local Wulds leader with task of keeping watch on Homus and inform them as soon as Homus try to come down from tree so that a group of Canets may move immediately to hunt them down.


Apart from keeping watch on Homus, Wuldram also wanted to keep watch even on other potential species, who may pose some danger in future. Keeping this in mind he deployed Jhynas, a breed very similar to Drogs but more ferocious, less stealth and totally unforgiving in nature . In contrast with Drogs, Jhynas were tasked to work in the open and keep every last possible competitor under control. 

Jhynas used to move together in large numbers. Instead of  hunting for themselves, they preferred snatching food from other, bigger in size, carnivores animals such as Tigers, Lions etc. In this way they were not only keeping check on other competitors but also were ensuring dominance of Canets.


Smaller than Drogs but Sharper than even Wulds, Shrozs were the think tank of canets. They used to aid and advise Wulds regarding how and when to act in any given tough situation. The finer details of strategy, to defeat Homus and force them to the brink of extinction, were planned by Shrozs under leadership of the wisest of them, Shrugrats.

Success of “The First Move” battle ensured a special place for Shrugrats and his breed amongst the Canets. To keep teams intact and to make them work in right spirit and also to keep their own special status intact, Shrozs, along with framing rules of  general conduct, propagated many myths amongst Canets.  


Considering the scientific advancements of Homus with Fire and Spear, Wuldram was worried that Homus may anytime come up with something new which may put Canets again at disadvantage and thus he was desperately looking for a breed amongst Canets who can work on scientific development . Though Shrozs were very intelligent, they never had any scientific bent of mind. 

To deal with this problem Shrugrats, the close aide of Wuldram came up with a solution. He from his sources gathered information about a shy breed of Canets name Chagats living inside dense jungles of Africa. Chagats were the smallest of Canets and were featherlight in weight. They had adapted their forelimbs as wings and learned to fly thereby becoming the only non-bird breed to fly. They had also developed a special ability to see in the darkest of the night thereby having special advantage over their competitors. These two newly developed capabilities impressed Wuldram very much, and thus he sent invitation to Chagats to come out of dense jungles to join him, work on scientific researches and make other Canets learn about developments to the extent possible, In return Wuldram promised them all the safety they needed and to help their breed to spread across the world. Chagats readily accepted his offer and joined hands with Wuldram.

With help of above specially tasked teams, Canets under leadership of Wuldram and his successive generations  kept close watch on movement of Homus and  successfully exerted their dominance for  about next 100 generations spanning around 10000 years. 

During these years many leaders of Homus, though unsuccessfully, tried hard to regather and take back the control. With every unsuccessful attempt they got to learn new lesson about various strength, weakness and strategies of Canets which they kept on adding to existing knowledgebase and kept on passing to successive generations with hope that some day their time will come.

The adventure of upcoming generation of Homus will be continued in next Chapter.....


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A poem dedicated to the nation written by Ramdhari Singh "dinkar"... तुझको या तेरे नदीश, गिरि, वन को नमन करूँ, मैं ? मेरे प्यारे देश ! देह या मन को नमन करूँ मैं ? किसको नमन करूँ मैं भारत ? किसको नमन करूँ मैं ? भू के मानचित्र पर अंकित त्रिभुज, यही क्या तू है ? नर के नभश्चरण की दृढ़ कल्पना नहीं क्या तू है ? भेदों का ज्ञाता, निगूढ़ताओं का चिर ज्ञानी है मेरे प्यारे देश ! नहीं तू पत्थर है, पानी है जड़ताओं में छिपे किसी चेतन को नमन करूँ मैं ? भारत नहीं स्थान का वाचक, गुण विशेष नर का है एक देश का नहीं, शील यह भूमंडल भर का है जहाँ कहीं एकता अखंडित, जहाँ प्रेम का स्वर है देश-देश में वहाँ खड़ा भारत जीवित भास्कर है निखिल विश्व को जन्मभूमि-वंदन को नमन करूँ मैं ! खंडित है यह मही शैल से, सरिता से सागर से पर, जब भी दो हाथ निकल मिलते आ द्वीपांतर से तब खाई को पाट शून्य में महामोद मचता है दो द्वीपों के बीच सेतु यह भारत ही रचता है मंगलमय यह महासेतु-बंधन को नमन करूँ मैं ! दो हृदय के तार जहाँ भी जो जन जोड़ रहे हैं मित्र-भाव की ओर विश्व की