First Night drill in National Police Academy (NPA)

After a usual tiring day in NPA , i went to sleep at around 11pm. The alarm time in my mobile was as usual 5am in the morning.I was sleeping without having any idea of wht is going to happen with all of us in the night. Suddenly an announcement came " All Officer Trainee please come down with in next 10 mins" . Hearing this i woke up , but i thought that it must be in dream. But again in next 2 minutes i heard the same announcement.

First thing i did that i checked my mobile , it was showing 2:30am , I thought may be mobile watch is not working properly , so i checked my hand watch, but again same time 2:30 am. To confirm it i lastly checked my wall clock , Alas! it was also showing the same time. I was surprised and felt like What the hell is going on . The announcement kept coming again and again.

But then i am a person who always thinks positively, i thought that it must be some batchmate who is doing this mischief . I came out of my room and almost every one came out. I decided to go down and check who is announcing. As soon as i went down , the drill instructor who was announcing said "Sir go and change ur dress to two peice dangree and come down in 2 minutes"

I came up ,informed others,changed my dress and went in front of IPS mess . We all were startled and clueless asking each other whats going to happen. One of the our friend who has also done half of his training in  63rd RR came to our rescue and told us that they will just take attendence and then leave us. This information gave us some relief.

But then it was not to be so . We all were asked to march off to PT ground. Now the curiousity level was at its peak and no one knows whts going to happen. Is this some kind of punishment or we have to do PT in night form now onwards etc etc thought were coming to the mind.

After we assembled in PT ground, the curtain raised and we were informed that this is a kind of night drill where we will be practicing different things in night , because a police office needs to know how to work efficiently in night also. After that a night drill exercise took place and as far as i am concerned i enjoyed it . It was nice learning method . Since then one more night drill has happened. Looking forward to more night drills :)

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