Strategy for preparing Civil services aptitude test(CSAT) paper 1

For those people who are giving their first attempt it's time to start preparing for CSAT. In this article i will tell how to prepare for CSAT paper 1.

For CSAT paper the basic reading requirements is same as general studies for mains and the list of reading material I have given in following post

Tips for preparing General studies paper for civil services - Part 1

These reading material needs to be read properly and carefully and if possible make a group to discuss topics. And make it habit among group members to ask question randomly on random topics. This helps in revising things and increases your memory power.

Since with changing pattern minute details are becoming more and more important, one should  read carefully and read again and again(keep revising ) so that you may not miss important point. Further analytical type of questions are increasing in number so it is important that you not only remember things but also understand the essence of the topic.

Remember that CSAT exam needs thorough and vast knowledge and to gain this kind of knowledge a student with average brain needs to revise things at least 3-4 times .Considering the vastness of course one should have at least one month to revise. So you must finish all conventional topics one month before prelims positively.

Last but not the least , keep your mind cool while studying and don't think much about result, just keep on studying . Best of luck :)


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  4. @shrishti ..i dont have much idea of wiziq course...
    As far as percentage of current affairs is concerned , it depends year to year and now a days even traditional questions come on based on some current current affairs is most important part of GS paper....

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