Tips for preparing General studies paper for civil services - Part 1

Civil services exam , popularly known as IAS entrance exam is considered to be toughest exam of the nation . After interaction with many aspirants i felt that almost everyone have the same set of questions like how to start preparing and which book to refer and how many hours i need to give etc etc .So i thought to write an article and will try to answer these question  in this article .

For the preparation of civil services first thing one should do is to become regular with news paper and read it as text book and if possible start making notes of it . I will suggest either The Hindu or Indian Express. Next step will be to start reading NCERT books of Geography,History and polity .Normally it is recommended to read books from class 6 to class 12 , but i feel reading books of class 11th and 12th is more than enough.

Once you are through these books , you need to go through following materials :

History - Indian struggle for independence by Bipin Chandra.
Geography - All NCERT books of 11th and 12th and go through an Atlas properly.
Polity- Laxmikanth and P.M. Bakshi with you
Economics - Coaching notes for basic knowledge and newspaper for updating new policies .
Magazines - Yojana (at least first 2-3 articles ),Chronicle/wizard
Economic Survey -Focusing on non-factual details
Science and Tech - I am not able to find any credible source , but i have heard that special issue of wizard is good.
Environmental Issues - I have not yet found any credible source , coaching material or special issues of magazines can help.
Current Affairs - Mainly newspaper along with notes of some good coaching .

Along with above noted material if one is attending any coaching then getting coaching material is not a problem, but in case one is not attending any coaching he can get coaching notes from his/her friend or other sources. Having full coaching notes of atleast one good coaching is recommended , it helps in keeping track of things.

The above listed material are for basic knowledge and one should go thoroughly through them. Other than above listed topics there are many other things like international organisations , summits etc which one have to read from various sources such as magazines and coaching notes .Also having access of internet proves to be very handy .

This is all about study material in next article i will share my strategy of doing smart study .

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