INSAS (Indian Small Arms System) rifle

INSAS (an abbreviation of Indian Small Arms System) is a indigenously made family of weapons consisting of an assault rifle, a light machine gun (LMG), and a carbine. The INSAS family entered into full service with Indian army during late 1997 and was first time extensively and successfully tested during Karlgil war of 1999.

The INSAS assault rifle is a 5.56mm gas-operated , rotating bolt selective fire weapon Compatible with NATO standard ammunition 5.56 x 45 mm SS 109, M 193, primarily based on the AKM along with incorporating features from other rifles. This rifle have muzzle velocity 900m/s with effective firing range of 400m.The Magazine of the rifle is transparent made up of translucent UV stabilized poly-carbonate Resin.

The selector mechanism available in the rifle allows single shots and 3-round bursts which gives the user optimal control over the weapon and prevented the waste of ammunition.A new model with black furniture incorporating full-auto mode is also being introduced. Additional mechanical safety is provided in the rifle by means of safety sear and built-in delay in breech mechanism.The Standard INSAS assault rifle comes with Multipurpose bayonet which functions as Saw, Wire cutter, Bottle opener, Knife, Screw driver, Hammer and Dagger. Foldable-butt version of the Standard assault rifle is also available.

The LMG variable of the rifle differs from the Assault Rifle in possessing a longer and heavier barrel with revised rifling, and a bipod. The LMG version uses 30-round magazines and can also accept the 20-round INSAS AR magazine. This model fires in semi and full-auto.It also has a foldable-butt version.

During kargil war there were complaint of jamming ,oil spray,cracking of magazine and rifle going into automatic mode. All of these problems has since been resolved. 

Specifications : 

Calibre (mm)5.56
Muzzle Velocity (m/s)
Length of Rifle (mm)

Without Bayonet960
With Bayonet
Weight of Rifle (Kg)
Without Magazine & Bayonet
Effective Range (m)
Range for Grenade (m)
Multi Mode
M 36
Magazine Capacity (Rounds)20
Cyclic Rate (Rounds/min)600 to 650
Trigger Pull (Kg)2.10 to 4.00
Recoil Enegry (Joules)4.43
Rifling.6 grooves R.H
1 in 200 mm.
SightFore sight : Post Type
Rear sight : Aperture type
Type of fireSingle, 3 Round Burst


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