What to do when Fire breaks out

Fire can break out anywhere anytime without giving any warning or intimation particularly in the season of summer. As an informed and responsible citizen we should have basic knowledge about how to respond to this disaster. The knowledge of  will not only help us in fighting fire better but also help others to fight out unwanted fire.In this article i will explain few simple ways to deal with disaster caused by fire.

Prevention better than cureThe basic way to avoid any disaster is to take enough preventive steps so that may not occur at first place and if it does you will be enough equipped to tackle with it. In this regard we should take care of following things.

  • We should study the structure of our house and pre-plan escape route in case of any emergency and even practice it in our leisure time.
  • Important telephone numbers of fire helpline, police helpline etc should be at our tips
  • We should avoid any negligence which may end up in big fire, such as unattended open/rusted electric wire leading to short circuit ,unattended heater or any other such devices etc.
  • Train everyone in the house about how to act when fire breaks out, this will help in keeping calm at time of disaster.
What if Disaster strikes : Despite taking all precautions , due to reasons beyond our control fire may break out at any place . In such situation first of all we need to remain calm ,access the situation and our position vis-a-vis fire. Following are listed situation and needed response in that situation.

  • Fire Breaks out in a room and you have an escape route to go out : If fire breaks out in a room, first of all close the door of that room and get every one out from the house from the escape route closing all the following doors. Closing doors will help in restricting the spread of fire.In such situation remember other important thing than life is more valuable than anything ,so don't waste your time in picking up valuables. After coming out call fire helpline immediately
  • You Don't have any Idea about your position : In this case before opening any door check if any smoke or fire coming out of the cracks, if the door is hot or warm, door knob is hot or warm. In all above cases don't open the door as there will be fire outside the door. Try other door of window.
  • If you are cutoff by the fire : In case when you are surrounded by fire from all side will all adjoining rooms are burning, first of all remain calm, close the doors and use cloths to block any openings in the doors.Go to window and try to remain there if possible and attract attentions of others , call fire helpline immediately.If room becomes smoky remain low to the ground as fire naturally goes upwards.
  • If your Cloth catches fire : In case you clothes catches fire during a fire or by accident, don't start panic run instead stop, get down on the floor and start rolling on the floor covering your face. 
Once you are out of the house , don't go back into the house unless fire authorities declare it safe to enter.

Hoping that fire may never break out in your area and even if it does this article may help you and your family in tackling the fire in better ways minimizing the loss of men and material.

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