AK-47 assault rifle

AK 47 is one of the most desired and fascinating weapon of post world war era known for its simplicity of operations and maintenance and reliability in worst of the conditions.

AK 47 is officially known as avtomat kalashnikova is an selective fire , gas operated 7.62*39 mm assault rifle designed and developed in Russia . This rifle have muzzle velocity 715m/s with effective firing range of 400m(semi auto mode) and 300m(auto mode). Standard magazine of AK is curved and thus easy to handle having standard capacity of 30 rounds, later various system of feed have been developed having higher capacity.

AK have integrated option of selecting firing mode and locking mechanism. Further this rifle provide adjustable iron sight facility with 378mm sight radius and a side rail to mount variety of scopes and sighting devices. Later models can even mount grenade launchers   Later many variants of AK47 have been developed .

The popularity and usefulness of this weapon can be measured by the fact that it is still among most popular assault rifle in many countries and till now more than 75million AK have been manufactured. Many variant have been made of this rifle and many countries have incorporated design of AK in their indigenous weapons.

Specification : 

1.Calibre7.62 mm
2.LengthFixed Butt880 mm
Foldable ButtButt Extended875 mm
Butt Folded645 mm (Bottom Folding)
Barrel415 mm 
3.Weightw/o magazine4.30 Kg.
With magazine4.876 Kg.
4.No. of Riffling Grooves4
5.OperatingGas, Selective Fire (Auto)
6.LockingRotary Bolt
7.Feed30 Rds. Box Magazine
Adjustable 100-800m iron sights
9.Effective Range400 M
10.Sight Radius378 mm
11.Rate of Fire (cyclic)600 Rds / Min
12.Muzzle Velocity715 M/S
13.Muzzle Energy1991 J

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