Basics of using gun safely

Guns are one of the most fascinating thing one can get his/her hand onto. Guns attracts like anything but even a slight mishandling of gun may result taking life. When in hand in idle situation one must follow few basics rules so that any mishandling may not occur . Some of the rules are list below

1) Always point gun in safest possible direction : This rule is most basic one and one cannot ignore it while handling gun . And if this rule is followed 90% chances of accidents can be averted.

2) Guns are always loaded : This basic assumption should always be followed even if you have unloaded it yourself .One never know when and where mistake may happen.

3) Keep your hand off the trigger : Unless you intend to shoot ,do not put your fingers on the trigger.And after firing remove your fingers immediately from trigger.

4) Be sure of your target :  Don't fire in the hole unless you are on military/police operation, always be sure of your target before firing.

5)Keep you gun unloaded : In all normal circumstances guns should be kept unloaded . Load it only when you need it .

6)Keep away from children : This is most obvious rule of all

7) Check you gun before using and get regular servicing done :  This will help in avoiding bursting of ammunition inside the gun

8) Know you gun : One should thoroughly know about the gun he is using . The range of gun , kind of grip need , repulse from gun etc all should be well know for your own safety

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