Transparency International's corruption perception index

India scored 3.1 on a scale from zero to 10, placed at 95th position among 183 countries. Last year, India scored 3.3 and was placed at 87th position. The country's rank is better than Pakistan (No. 134) and Nepal, which at rank No 154 is perceived to be the most corrupt country in South Asia.

Corruption Perceptions Index, New Zealand came first, with Denmark and Finland tying for second place. Sweden was fourth with Singapore dropping to fifth in 2011. Norway came sixth. All the top six had a score of 9.0 or above.

The 2011 index ranked 183 countries by their perceived levels of public sector corruption based on data from 17 surveys that look at factors such as enforcement of anti-corruption laws, access to information and conflicts of interest. The index also assigns scores of between one and 10, one being highly corrupt and 10 incorrupt.

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  1. I Hope, we can get a strong LokPal bill. String LokPal bill will help us to improve our ranking in coming years