General Knowledge Quiz -3

  1. Which country topped transparency international's corruption perception index

  1. Which of the following is wrong statement
India ranked 134th in HDI
India's HDI was 0.547
India ranked 119th in GII(gender inequality index)
UNDP bring out Human development report

  1. which of the following statement is correct
CIRP stands for Committee for Inter-Related Policies
Denmark recently presented to the United Nations a proposal for the establishment
According to proposal United Nations CIRP should consist of 50 member-states
CIRP will report directly to the UNSC

  1. Select the wrong statement from the following
Rural Business Hubs (RBHs) is being implemented by Ministry of Panchayati Raj
RBH is a demand driven scheme
Though its demand driven minimum target has been fixed
The scheme is applicable in all the BRGF districts and all the districts in the North-Eastern Region

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