Conservation of Tribal Language

As per information received from the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the CIIL has a Centre which takes care of Preservation and Development of Tribal Languages. The Centre has so far undertaken the following activities: 

(i) Under the Bilingual Transfer Model, the Centre has produced primers for schools to be used in different States for the education of tribal children at primary level such as Davar Varli and Dunger Varli for Dadra and Nagar Hevli, Wagdi for Rajasthan etc. 

(ii) The Centre has produced Grammars, Phonetic Readers, Bilingual and Trilingual Dictionaries in Tribal Languages. 

(iii) The Centre has produced 14 Pictorial Glossaries in Tribal Languages such as Bhili dialects. 

(iv) Under ‘Dimensions of Language Endangerment’, survey has been conducted to cover the tribal population. So far, three North Eastern States viz., Mizoram, Tripura and Manipur has been surveyed. 

(v) Orientation of teacher engaged in teaching tin tribal populated areas of the country is a regular curriculum of the Centre. 

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