Cabinet Committee on Security reviews Safety of Nuclear Power Plants

The Cabinet Committee on Security reviewed the safety of nuclear power plants in India in its meeting held on December 1, 2011. In particular, the CCS was briefed on the steps that had been taken since the nuclear incident at Fukushima in Japan in March 2011 and on the steps that were proposed to be taken.

The CCS noted that the following actions have been undertaken:

(i) Technical review has been undertaken of all safety systems of India’s nuclear power plants, with a particular focus on their ability to withstand the impact of large natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes. Recommendations to enhance safety, wherever required, are being implemented.

(ii) Mechanisms for responding to nuclear and radiological emergencies are being strengthened in coordination with the National Disaster Management Authority, including the setting up of additional Emergency Response Centres. The NDMA has also drawn up various action plans for emergency preparedness.

(iii) Action taken on previous safety reviews have been put in the public domain.

(iv) The Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority Bill, 2011, which aims to create an independent and autonomous nuclear regulatory body, has been introduced in Parliament.

(v) The Government has decided to invite an Operational Safety Review Team of the International Atomic Energy Agency to assist in its own safety reviews and audit.

The CCS also reviewed the action taken by Government following the radiation incident in Mayapuri in Delhi in April 2010, including awareness raising, registry of all radioactive sources, radiation checks on incoming metal scrap, installation of radiation detection equipment at the borders, enhanced inspections, and strengthening regulatory capabilities.

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