PSLV-C18 today launched successfully and put four satellites in orbit on Wednesday. The satellites were:

1)Megha-Tropiques: An Indo-French satellite to study the weather and climate in the tropical region of the world;It will help in predicting the Indian monsoons, floods, cyclones and droughts, besides estimating the weather in the short-term and climate in the long-term in the tropical countries of the world.

2) SRMSat built by the students of SRM university, near Chennai; It will a monitor the carbon-dioxide level in the atmosphere and thus will help studying the problem of global warming and pollution.

3)Jugnu, built by the students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur;It is a remote-sensing satellite that will minor vegetation and water-bodies

4)Vesselsat from Luxembourg. It will help in locating ships cruising in the sea-lanes of the world.

This was the 19th consecutively successful mission of the PSLV out of 20 launches from 1993.

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