How to proceed through the last week before mains exam

Only few days are remaining for the preparation and without doubt everyone must be busy with last stage of revision .It is the time generally when people feel anxiety,oscillating confidence and try to revise as quickly as possible.

What i will suggest that now is the time to relax . Considering the vastness of syllabus, there is no use of studying new things now, just revise and try to consolidate in your mind whatever u have read till now so that you can deliver it in better way .I firmly believe that most of us know what it takes to become successful but due to overburden and lack of consolidation, not all of them good enough marks. So believe in what you know and what you have studied and try to put it in your mind in coherent way.

If due to any reason you start feeling low talk to your parents, seniors and friend to relax your mind.And do take good care of your health otherwise your efficiency may go down.

Last thing , when you get GS paper in you hand don't get nervous due to unexpected and unprepared questions,.Most of the selected guys last year attempted only about of 400-450 marks  out of 600. following article may be helpful for answer writing in mains exam

Best of luck :)

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