Text-To- Speech system (TTS) and Optical Character Recognition System (OCRA).

Text-to-Speech is computer software , developed by TDIL ,which transforms the machine readable text into Human Voice. It is developed to enable people with visual impairments or low vision disabilities to listen to written works on a computer or a mobile device. Text to Speech system integrated with screen reader would enable visually challenged users to interpret and perform computer operations with audio interface. It allows easy navigation using the screen reader facility.

TTS has been launched in six Indian languages Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam. TTS has also been integrated with Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen reader and Optical Character Recognition System (OCRA).

Optical Character Recognition systems recognize printed script and convert paper documents to electronic form so that printed books and records can be accessed and processed using computer based techniques. OCR for Indian scripts can make Indian literature web accessible.Also OCR-ed electronic data can be used to generate Braille version of printed books for visually challenged. Also OCR's can enable text-to-speech systems to deliver Indian language books through the medium of audio.

These technologies integrated together will help differently-abled persons to access electronic data and help them to awail benefits of Information Technology

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