India and UAE sign revised MoU on Manpower

A need has been felt over the years to revise the MoU, which was signed between India and the UAE in December, 2006 to address various problems faced by the Indian emigrant workers in the UAE. After detailed negotiations between the two countries, a revised MoU was finalized and signed today. The MoU in the field of manpower between India and the UAE provides for the following:

(i) Facilitation of the recruitment of Indian manpower for working in the UAE;

(ii) Broad procedure for employment of workers;

(iii) Responsibilities of the employers and workers;

(iv) Exchange of knowledge and experience in job-creation and generation of employment opportunity;

(v) Protection and welfare of workers under the labour laws and regulations of the host country;

(vi) Authentication of the work contract between the Employer and the employee by the Ministry of Labour, Government of UAE; and
(vii) Constitution of a Joint Committee comprising of at least three Members each from both the Governments to implement the provisions of the MoU.

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