DNA profiling

DNA profiling is a technique which helps in identifying individuals based on their DNA profile .A technique called electrophoresis is used to obtain DNA profiles. Every individual have unique DNA sequencing or DNA profiles.

Uses of DNA profiling :
1) To find out if the alleged father is actually the biological father of the child.
2) To establish other family relations .
3) DNA testing can help solve crimes by comparing the DNA profiles of suspects to offender samples.
4) To identify war victims and to ascertain identity of dead which can not be identified otherwise .
5) To study genetic diseases 

The DNA profiling is extremely sensitive and can be conducted on very small human sample , It just requires a cell with nuclei from the human body such as saliva ,semen , urine , hair etc. Also it is very hard to contaminate DNA samples . This makes DNA profiling very useful .

But the disadvantage with this technology is that it only gives probability and not 100% correct answer .Also DNA evidence can be planted on crime site to misguide. The DNA database maintained can be hacked by hackers and can be misused . 

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