Central Government termed SIT on black money judicial overreach

Terming it as judicial over-reach into Executive functions and economic policy, the government today filed an application to recall the order passed by the Supreme Court forming a Special Investigation Team to investigate black money believed to be stashed abroad.
“Contrary to the settled legal principle that the function of the court is to see that the lawful authority is duly exercised by the Executive but not to take over itself the task entrusted to the Executive. It is respectfully submitted that courts do not supplant the views of experts by its own views,” the application said.
The government has taken strong exception to the Supreme Court appointing the SIT of which the Director, Research and Analysis Wing, has been made a part. The order effectively asks the R&AW chief to report to the SIT, which has two retired judges at the helm, which will in turn report to the Supreme Court.
“The said order has the effect of completely eliminating the role and denuding the constitutional responsibility of the Executive which itself is answerable to Parliament and it is further respectfully submitted that it directly interferes with the functions and obligations of the Executive, more particularly, since it is ordered that the SIT will report directly to the Supreme Court, therefore excluding the Executive and consequently Parliament,” the application said.

Background : 
Citing slackness in the investigation, the court had, on July 4, constituted the SIT under the chairmanship of retired Supreme Court Judge B.P. Jeevan Reddy to take all steps for bringing back unaccounted for monies unlawfully kept in banks abroad. The court on 4th  July  rejected the Centre's contention that since a High Level Committee had already been set up there was no need for a Special Investigation Team.

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