Strategy for preparing for civil services mains exam general studies paper

General studies paper for mains exam require very depth knowledge of wide ranging topics . Unlike prelims , where just one or two time reading of a fact can work , here one not only have to remember the facts but also should be able to reproduce it in coherent manner . So one need to study thoroughly whatever he is reading , here first of all i will give a list of reading materials which are must and needs to be covered comprehensively

History - Indian struggle for independence by Bipin Chandra.
Geography - All NCERT books of 11th and 12th 
Polity- Here coaching notes can work , but do keep laxmikanth and P.M. Bakshi with you
Economics - Coaching notes for basic knowledge .
Magazines - Yojana (at least first 2-3 articles )
Economic Survey -Focusing on non-factual details
Science and Tech - I am not able to find any credible source , but i have heard that special issue of wizard is good.
News Paper - The Hindu and /or Indian Express .

Since the topics of current relevance have become more important extensive newspaper reading is needed .News paper reading requires different type of skill otherwise one may end up gaining almost nothing out of it . While reading newspaper do scan through all pages , but focus more on news of national and international importance . And reading editorial is must even if it looks to be on irrelevant topic, the reason is that generally all editorial contains some or other information which one can use in exam . One more thing its always good to make one's own notes, so if u can , do make it . 

Apart from the above listed reading material one can selectively choose materials for various topics like Indian Culture , Current affairs compilations etc . But while buying material don't overburden yourself , you should know your limits and should study such that your reproducing ability remains intact .

Seeing the dynamic nature of general studies paper one can never be sure what to read and what not to read , but believe me  if you are able to reproduce fully what ever you have read you will land up with decent enough marks to qualify the exam . I will discuss about how to answer in mains exam sometime later may be near the exam time . I will write on various topics of national and international importance depending on availibilty of time.For any special query leave a comment , i will try to reply back as soon as possible.

Right now its time to gear up for mains exam , waiting for prelims result is just a waste of time .  Best of luck to all :)

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