Recently during angela merkel’s visit to india Saha Insitute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) has signed an agreement with Deutsches Elektronen-Sunchrotron (DESY), Hamburg, to access a high energy synchrotorn light source PETRA III.


PETRA (Positron-Electron Tandem Ring Accelerator) is high energy intensity source for synchrotron radiation . High energy beams of a synchrotron light source provides intense light from infrared to X-rays, which can be used in various areas of basic and applied research. They are particularly used in material research, protein crystallography for disease biology and nano science and nanotechnology.

A synchrotron is a particular type of cyclic particle accelerator where electrons are made to rotate at a very high speed as that of light. When there is a bend in the path of electrons, photons are emitted from an optical window, which can be used at a beamline.

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