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Analysis of Civil Services Prelims paper ( CSAT ) 2011

Anyone who is following the recent trends of civil services prelims papers , can easily predict the unpredictable nature of the paper . Also since this year CSAT has been introduced for the first time every one was curious to see the prelims paper of this year . Atlast today on 12th june suspense ended and what we found was more unpredictable than predictable .I will do paper wise analysis

Paper 1 :

The topics which came in paper was very much on predictable line . It was very specifically written in UPSC syllabus "General issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change - that do not require subject specialization" , though question have always been asked from these topics but since UPSC mentioned it as separate topic this year , few questions were expected form this topic . Similarly few questions were expected from the Economics , Polity , International affairs , general science and History as well .

But then , with UPSC one can never expect questions on predictable line with ratta type answers .First of all this year paper consisted of 100 questions only and barring few straight questions all other questions demanded application of either subject knowledge or application of common sense . Though unlike previous year paper, very few questions seemed out of bound on our knowledge but this twist(application of knowledge and common sense) in paper made it little difficult . 

All in all for this paper i will say that with net 40questions correct that is 80 marks you can expect your self to be in and with 50 questions correct that is 100 marks one can expect to be safe enough zone .

Paper 2 : 

Paper 2 , that is so called CSAT paper was much easier than anticipated , though the questions based on paragraph were good enough but the questions on maths and reasoning were just cakewalk . English section was decent which may have created little problem for Hindi medium students  and the decision making problems were good but almost everyone must have reached to best or second best option.

All in all 2 hours was just sufficient for 80 questions asked in the paper , and after interacting with few friends of both technical as well as non technical background my prediction would be that with about 50 net questions correct that is with 125 marks one can feel safe .

For total cutoff , crude method of adding up does not work here . What i will predict is that 200 marks total and you are safe . This cutoff is based only on initial analysis , actual cutoff may vary but i think that it should not cross 200 marks.


  1. For GS Paper 1, what do you think, Is 60 marks good?

  2. If someone is getting between 55-60 marks in GS Paper 1, will that person be out?

  3. no u will still qualify if u can get total above cutoff marks .....paper wise cutoff is either absent or is very low in UPSC papers

  4. what about obc cutoff

  5. In prelims generally dif between OBC and general cutoff is of only few numbers...generally its 1 or 2 numbers below...think same will be case for this year too

  6. ive done reasonably well in paper 2 paper 1 was a disaster expeting 30+


  7. u do stand chance depending on total marks...if at all UPSC have paper wise cutoff , its very low . I know a person personally who got through after getting 32 marks in GS in year 2008 .

  8. Hi every one,
    Based on my analysis cutt off would be - 90+100=190 total score.
    Best of luck.
    maY vary based on ur individual score.

  9. @manish best of luck to u too :)

  10. @ThePriest
    paper 1 30+
    paper 2 50+
    (based on correct response +1 and wrong -0.33)
    what are my chances?

  11. i have
    100 marks in gs and 160 in paper 2 can i expect my self fully sure and prepare for mains

  12. what about 180. considering all doubtful questions in negative

  13. if 30 and 50 are number of questions , then u have fair chances....
    @gurdeep u r surely in , start preparing for mains
    @anony with 180 matks chances are about 80% so start preparing for mains :)

  14. gs scored 90 and paper ii - 110
    expected min score of mine
    obc candidate i get through mains....

  15. paper 1 doesnot seem appropriate to me.Its not based on any legitamate logic or principle which intends towards hiring a peron with right aptitude for the job. Though it says its a civil service aptitude test, i am afraid it doesnot fall in that category. It looks at me that the paper setter is very very biased towards one section, And that section may be coaching institutes. Just because u dont like coaching institutes making money, you should not play with the students who appear. It seems apparent that the majority of the questions are picked from the internet line to line. It would not be surprising if you learn tomorrow that the paper setter himslef was naive to understand the logic behind many questions. They were just picked line to line. Its a copy and paste business. And some questions,many questions rather require very specilaized knowledge to understand. And the exam what you attempt for is a generic service.Its a complete contradictory paper. Just think for while, people form the poorest back ground, people who live at utmost poverty cant even think of solving this paper,because they dont have access to the technologies like internt. I think in an attempt to choose the most appropriate candidate, they will end up choosing a fluke.

  16. priest u said 40 correct question will do is that with negative marks question included or not.

  17. What kind of analysis is this man?80 marks in 1st 125 in 2nd..i mean in any national level exam in India,be it IIT,CAT or UPSC(Engineering serv.) or CSP, if you score above 50% you can expect positive and above 60 % sure.This,anybody knowing a b c of exam ,will tell,,and you found this after your ANALYSIS??:P:P
    This,one could tell even before the announcement of Exam dates..anyway,,best of luck for your further extensive researches and analysis.but the ANALYSIS sucks!!

  18. 40 questions net ofc...ab\fter substracting negative marks
    @anony it may or may not be correct , sometimes it fluctuates a lot of luck to u too :)

  19. @vinay nothing is based on fluke man...if u have good enough knowledge u will end up getting decent marks ...
    best of luck :)

  20. i m getting 48 in paper-1 acording to cl ans keys and getting 76 according to kgs. nd in paper-2 my score is aprox 138 .i belong to sc category. is there any chance for me to qualify prelm?

  21. @suman depends on accuracy of key u r looking .....if its 76 u r surely through.....even with 48 marks ur total will be 186 which must be good enough ...
    So start preparing for mains...BEST OF LUCK :)

  22. paper 1:96+
    paper 2:110
    Catgory open
    bakground- Engg
    i am not happy with my performance in paper 2....i attended only 59 questions due to lack of time management...this is my 2nd chance...previous yr i got 890 in mains..but not qulify for interview
    What r my chances now???

    1. @nikhil- i am starting with the preparation background is also engg.. i have some doubts regarding how to start, i have prepared for CAT(not my ultimate aim) so am good enough with paper-2. But paper 1 is a stunner how to start preparing for the general studies???

  23. @nikhil u will qualify for mains.. :)

  24. gaurav

    whats ur score in paper 1 and paper 2?

    especially in paper 2??lot of confusion as some people in orkut are claiming the same time IIM 99.9% 130

  25. Boss im hopeful to get 93 in paper 1 and almost 125 in paper 2..being general cat wat r my chances

  26. @anony maximum score may be very hogh but on an avg 130 in paper 2 is very good marks...
    @sonalika U have very bright chances

  27. score of 90 in paper-i & 115 in paper 2
    Gen category

    what are my chances priest


  28. sir myself an OBC student , got for paper I(72 marks) and paper II(149 marks) , combined 221 marks. What are my chances of qualifying ??

    1. mr. anonymous... you realy stand a good chance because the cutt of are still you my friend are on the safe side.

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