This blog basically contains topics of general interests varying from poems , stories , views , general knowledge etc. The purpose of this blog is basically to make my views reach out to people at large and also to get to know back their view through comments .

Some times my posts are educational , some time refreshing poems and stories and sometime its about speaking out my personal views. I have divided my website into following parts.

POLICE CORNER : This page contains knowledge related to functioning of police and various aspects of policing and it's effects on public.

CANETS vs HOMUS : Here you will get update regarding a story in progress about the war between The Mighty Canets and The Brainy Homus.

PERSONAL SPACE : This page consists of links of my personal experiences , ideas and poems and stories written my be .

POEMS : The poems which i update here are in general motivational in nature , majority of them are Hindi poems of famous writers and few in English.

BLAZING GUNS : Recently i have started writing about firearms and its handling . You can access it on "Blazing Guns" page.

TIPS FOR CIVIL SERVICES : On this page i have shared links of articles written by me to help out civil services aspirants. Along with all other things i do try to help out civil services aspirants and one can ask me any question on "ASK A QUESTION" page.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE : This page consists of articles giving out knowledge on the topics of general interest which may be useful in regular life.

LINK OF ALL ARTICLES :Despite trying to organize the blog there are many topics which are left out of the page for which you can browse through this age

Please feel free to browse through the blog .

 Good Luck , Have a nice day  :)