Part 2 - Tips for preparing General studies paper for civil services

In last article i wrote about the reading material which are needed for preparation of civil services .But knowing the source material is not enough , one has to go intelligently and smartly through these material otherwise he will feel overburdened at the time of exam.

For conventional areas one has to go thoroughly through the books and notes and keep revising them at certain interval . If you forget completely after your first reading , don't panic  its quite natural and happens with almost everyone. Even you may feel that you are studying for the first time , but it's alright with so much to read our brain needs time to assimilate new things. Only after reading 2-3 time you will start picking up the topics and start remembering them. One more thing just after your second reading go through last 10 years question paper(focusing on last 2 years) and do your own analysis of what is important and what is not.

For dynamic topics such as current affairs, science and tech first try to cover basic things thoroughly from one reliable source . People tend to look for many sources and end up messing up all . I will recommend to be thorough with one source and if you still feel that you are lacking in some area refer one more source just for quick reading . Remember at the time of exam 2-3 times revision is very important and thus one should keep in mind that how much he can revise and how much he can reproduce . Know your limit and limit accordingly study material .

What i have felt that after a thorough study from one source ,if one is able to reproduce properly he easily gets marks above than average .

After studying things, try to recall on your own and see what u remember and what u forgot. Forming a study group is always helpful in remembering things , it also helps one in knowing things which he may have missed while reading.But while studying in group remember that group should not consist of more than 4 member and discussion should always strictly be on study related topics.


  1. Article reveals that the auther is an experience and reliable person regarding Civil Service exam. Thanks Gaurav for this practical and valuable article.... Are you appearing CSM this year too? (I know your rank in CSM 2010 :))

  2. Ajahir U r welcome :)
    yes i am appearing again....