Aakash - World's Cheapest tablet(made as a part of sakshat project)

 Askash is claimed to be world's cheapest tablet with price $49 . It is to be manufactured in India by UK based company Datawind. The price is expected to go further down after its launch and go as low as $10.

It is being developed is part of the National Mission on Education’s Sakshat project, which has a three-fold purpose — to create broadband and link higher-education institutes in the country, to create open source material from IITs so that students from institutes in remote and rural locations can access lectures, and provide the Aakash tablet to all students in the country at a subsidized price.

Features included in the tablet are Touch screen , Android, WiFi, 2GB memory card expandable upto 32GB , 256mb Ram,2 USB ports, Memory slot ,Video conferencing , Internet explorer etc