What to do when Earthquake hits

A series of frequently occurring earthquakes made it important for us to know how to reaponse when caught in midst of earthquake .Unlike other calamity earthquake comes without any warning , When ever earthquake comes , one should immediately take following steps(whichever is possible ) :

If Inside a House :

  • Drop to the ground and take cove under any piece of furniture until shaking stops.
  • Try to stay way from things which could fall such as glass window , Lightening fixtures  etc . One can use doorway shelter if it is nearby and strongly supported.
  • Since earthquake jolts may come in series once shaking stops run to open place and stay there for sometime .

If Outside House :

  • Move away from buildings , street lights.
  • Stay in open till the shaking stops .

If in a Moving Vehicle :

  • Stop as quickly as possible avoiding proximity of buildings, trees, overpass , wires etc
  • Once shaking stops start moving cautiously avoiding bridges, overbridges , buildings and trees that might have been damaged by the earthquake.

If trapped under debris : 

  • Do not move  
  • To avoid any dust cover your mouth with clothing.  
  • Tap on thing which make noise to signal to rescuers. If you have whistle, use it. And  shout only as a last resort, as shouting can cause dangerous inhalation of dust.

Once Earthequake stops do go to safe place as soon as possible and stay there until u feel safe ( may be around 30 minutes)  , since in major earthquakes after a light shock heavier shock follows