Ek Boond - A poem by Ayodhya singh Upadhyaya " Hariaudh"

 This poem by the famous poet  'Hariaudh"  has always motivated me to take up the new challenges in life . Just wanted to share with all my friends , hoping that it will have same effect on everyone else :)  

                       ज्यों निकल कर बादलों की गोद से।

                       थी अभी एक बूँद कुछ आगे बढ़ी।।

                       सोचने फिर फिर यही जी में लगी।

                       आह क्यों घर छोड़कर मैं यों बढ़ी।।

                       दैव मेरे भाग्य में क्या है बढ़ा।

                       में बचूँगी या मिलूँगी धूल में।।

                       या जलूँगी गिर अंगारे पर किसी।

                       चू पडूँगी या कमल के फूल में।।

                       बह गयी उस काल एक ऐसी हवा।

                       वह समुन्दर ओर आई अनमनी।।

                       एक सुन्दर सीप का मुँह था खुला।

                       वह उसी में जा पड़ी मोती बनी।।

                       लोग यों ही है झिझकते, सोचते।

                       जबकि उनको छोड़ना पड़ता है घर।।

                       किन्तु घर का छोड़ना अक्सर उन्हें।

                       बूँद लौं कुछ और ही देता है कर।।

                                   By Ayodhya Singh Upadhyaya "Hariaudh"


  1. Poxa, não rola uma tradução

  2. thanx for ur comment but i would be able to appreciate ur comment if u comment in english.....

  3. Priest, that's exactly what he was saying :) Translate it!

  4. okkk...but i want to know will translation in english will work for him???? because i dont know his language :(

  5. google to the rescue again-

  6. An attempt to translate in ur language sorry for any mistake

    A partir da adoção de nuvens, como ele pode chegar.
    Alguns eram apenas uma gota progrediu ..

    Então, pense novamente envolvido na mesma lei.
    Por que deixar a casa que eu cresci ah .. s

    Destiny meu destino é o aumento.
    Bacw ँ gee ou reunir-se em pó ..

    Jloo queda gee ँ sobre brasas ou a.
    Chu Pedu gee ँ ou flores de lótus.

    O tempo que uma brisa soprava.
    Ele veio em direção Aanmnee Samunder ..

    boca aberta era uma linda pérola.
    Ele tinha que ir para a pérola continua o mesmo ..

    Pessoas é o seguinte: Constrangida, acho.
    Enquanto eles têm de sair de casa ..

    Mas muitas vezes eles saem de casa.
    Chama oferece a cair outra coisa ..

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  8. In english ...this one is surely correct

    This poem is based on story of rain drop

    From the adoption of clouds as it can get.
    Some where just a drop progressed ..

    Then think again engaged in the same law.
    Why leave the house I grew ah .. s

    Destiny my destiny is the raise.
    will i meet in dust ..

    will fall over hot coals or a.
    or lotus flowers.

    The time a breeze was blowing.
    the drop came toward ocean

    Open mouth was a beautiful pearl.
    He had to go to the pearl remains the same ..

    People is this: Embarrassed, think.
    While they have to leave the house ..

    But often they leave home.
    And succeed like the drop ..

  9. hi....
    i came to this through an orkut thread.
    n pleasantly surprised to read something so close to what i have experienced myself-


    almost the same feeling.. great!!:)

  10. @free blossoms
    I read ur blog...
    Pleasantly very close to wht i posted :)

  11. its great man. you know your blog somehow appears very neat, seeing that im motivated to change the setting of my blog to make it look better. nice work!